--> Become a reseller and get $100 comission for each sale. Paid instantly

Become a reseller and get


Paid instantly

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Video marketing is huge these days. YouTube video ads and Facebook video ads are now the most effective marketing channels.

Reasonable Price

Our prices are much more affordable than our competitors' prices. And the price is one of our competitive advantages.

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We've already delivered more than 5,000 videos. 98% of our clients are more than happy and always come back or refer their friends.

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Starting at $297

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Want to become a reseller and start earning $100
for each sale/client just by sharing a link?

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There's NO FEES for joining the program.


First of all, this is a really simple and straightforward process. Once an order has been placed, you receive your commission, which is $100, no matter which package you sold.

If you haven’t checked us out online yet, you should know that we’ve already delivered more than 5,000 videos to our very satisfied clients. We provide top-notch service and create high-level videos, so you can promote our services with complete confidence. 

How to get started with auto payout:

 1. Create your affiliate link on Zaxaa (you’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one yet).

Click here to create a link to promote Explainer Style Videos
Click here to create a link to promote Whiteboard Style Videos
Click here to create a link to promote Facebook Style Videos

2. After you created an account simply click “Request to promote this product” button:
Affiliate Program 6
There you’ll find some unbranded materials you can use for promotion, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything special. 
That’s it 🙂 
You’re ready to promote and get paid. Simply share the link you’ve created and get your money as soon as they place an order. 
Once they visit the website, even if they place an order two weeks later, you’ll be credited anyway.
Send this link to your email list, post it in your blog, add it to your YouTube video description, or create your own landing page (let us know if you need one and we’ll create one for you free). The possibilities are unlimited. White-label is also available. 

Promo Materials

On the affiliate page above, you’ll find our demo videos, banners, and examples. However, we can also provide you with a landing page copy, email copy, all kind of graphic material, or create a personalized animated video that you can use to promote (at no additional charge, of course).
That’s it for now. Don’t hesitate to contact us with ANY questions. We’re always happy to help you, just click here

There's NO FEES for joining the program.

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