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How to choose the best advertising platform?1 min read

Should you stick with Facebook Ads or Google Ads?



Well, the main difference between these two is user intent. People on Google are actively searching for your product or service. People on Facebook are looking for entertainment, not for products.


Facebook offers the ultimate targeting options—demographics, interests, life events, buying behavior, browsing behavior, political affiliation, and tons of other options. Google only offers demographics and location targeting (for search result ads).


Google Ads are best for businesses with a product or service that users know they need and are actively searching for. Facebook Ads are best for businesses seeking to increase awareness of their products or brands—especially among audiences that may not have heard of them before.


Definitely, both platforms can be effective for your business. They’re both powerful and can deliver impressive results assuming you’re using them properly. However, the main advertising principle “To test” works for all uncertainties in advertising. The only way to know which one will work better for your business is to test them both. So be prepared to lose some moneyHow to choose the best advertising platform? 1


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