--> Learn 4 Main Reasons Why People Leave Your Website Without Performing Any Action

Learn 4 Main Reasons Why People Leave Your Website Without Performing Any Action

Getting clicks but not sales? There’s a 90% that your landing page sucks.

1. It’s hard to navigate the page.

Try changing the location of blocks. Place reviews or price blocks higher. Make the top menu stick to the top edge when scrolling. This simple method was a game-changer for many of our clients.

2. Your copy is weak.

Maybe your offer doesn’t resonate with the client. Make sure you mentioned their pain points in your copy and make sure they understand that your product can resolve their problem. This is the most important part.

3. Mess with call-to-action.

Make sure there’s only one call-to-action on your landing page and that it’s clear and noticeable. Remember, that call-to-action should alwaystart with a verb. This is crucial. 

4. You target the wrong audience.

This is a common mistake. The best way to find your audience is to test a few different combinations of interests, demographics, job titles, behaviors, etc. When you run several ads simultaneously, you’ll clearly see which one performs better.

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