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Get your message across with a professional, clear and persuasive video.
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What's included in the
$297 explainer video package?

30-second pro animation

You'll get a professionally animated, made-for-you video that will look like if you paid thousands of dollars for it. Check out the examples below to get an idea.

Get it done
in 7-10 days

You'll get the first draft of the script within 24 hours. We have no queues, no bottlenecks, no delays. The process is streamlined, smooth, and fast.

Unlimited Revisions

Yes, our special feature that nobody else offers. We'll work on your video until you're 100% happy with the result. See the testimonials that prove it below.

Convincing voiceover

Crystal-clear and with appropriate tone. Choose from 20+ voiceover actors. Male, female, kids, any accent or language.

75-word persuasive script

A team with +10 years of marketing experience will create a concise, comprehensive, and clear script using proven marketing techniques.

Ready-to-use .mp4 file

Social-media friendly format. Upload your video on your website, Facebook, YouTube. Send it in emails or text messages. Share it in any way and don't worry about compatibility.

100% Money-back Guarantee

Simple and straightforward – if you don’t like your video within 30 days after it’s delivered, we refund all your money. 

No questions asked.

money-back guarantee

No AI used at any stage of production.

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Unlimited Revisions Included

Request as many revisions as needed to achieve perfection. Polish it until you get the most astonishing piece of art ever existed.  

What will your explainer video look like?

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Or a square (1:1) mobile-friendly
video version for social media

Impeccable reputation.
Time-tested methods and proven results.

Check out how hundreds of happy customers
have increased their online conversions and sales with our explainer videos

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animated explainer - increase your rating

5.0 Google Rating

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Some of our real Google reviews (since 2015):

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Some of our real Facebook reviews (since 2015):

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Ignite Your Clients' Purchase Intent
with a custom explainer video

And persuade them to take action. Convey your benefits
like if you would talk to your audience face-to-face.

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Standard Package

Custom-made 30-second explainer video
$ 297
  • 30-second custom animation
  • 75-word persuasive script
  • Convincing voiceover (more than 20 artists available)
  • Engaging background music
  • Rocket-fast 7-day delivery
  • Unlimited changes (WOW!)
  • Ready-to-use mp4 file
  • Lifetime Project Storage

Extended Package

Custom-made 60-second explainer video
$ 597
  • 60-second custom animation
  • 150-word persuasive script
  • Convincing voiceover (more than 20 artists available)
  • Engaging background music
  • Rocket-fast 7-day delivery
  • Unlimited changes (WOW!)
  • Ready-to-use mp4 file
  • Lifetime Project Storage

PRO Package

Custom-made 90-second explainer video
$ 897
  • 90-second custom animation
  • 225-word persuasive script
  • Convincing voiceover (more than 20 artists available)
  • Engaging background music
  • Rocket-fast 7-day delivery
  • Unlimited changes (WOW!)
  • Ready-to-use mp4 file
  • Lifetime Project Storage
  • Source Files
  • Custom Thumbnail Included
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100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Our Famous
Too-Good-To-Be-True Offer

  • How do we offer such a low price when competitors charge 2-30x higher prices?
  • How do we deliver a video in only 7-10 days when competitors take at least 30 days?
  • How can we offer a money-back guarantee for a custom product?


Is that what you’re thinking right now?


It’s possible because we use a library of pre-made images. We have about 28,000 different objects, characters, shapes, backgrounds, and other elements. Our secret is that we don’t need to draw them every time, for every video – we tailor a custom explainer video animation for you using pre-drawn elements.


All videos are custom-tailored to your business and your needs. We use our tremendous 28,000+ image library so we don’t need to create the same element for each video. If we need a house, we choose it from hundreds of houses we already have and customize it if necessary to fit your style. This saves you a lot of time AND money.

Money-Back Guarantee

It’s a shame to charge for a product you won’t use and we don’t do it. Get your 100% money back if you’re not happy with the result within 30 days after the video is delivered and keep the script and the voiceover. No questions asked.

One Tool - Multiple Solutions

With only one tool - explainer video - you can solve a lot of problems
with your website or your marketing campaign. And it costs $197.

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Conversion Rate

Convey your benefits. It’s much easier to convert your visitors into clients if they understand how they can benefit from your product or service. This tactic is 100% proven

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Retention Rate

Get Your Message Across. That’s what it’s all about — your message. We’ll create it as clearly as possible and wrap it in an easy-to-grasp explainer video animation.

+ 0 %

Persuade Your Clients. About 90% of the total information transmitted to our brains is visual. The human brain is not only more used to seeing visuals but is also better at interpreting them.

Have a question about your future explainer video?

Turnaround time? 
The entire process of producing an explainer video typically takes about 7-10 days in total:
– Scriptwriting – 1-2 days;
– Voiceover recording – 1-3 days;
– Animation – 3 days;
– Revisions – 1-3 days.
At checkout you can select the “Jump The Queue” option, which costs $100. Your video will be delivered in 5 days.
How does it work?
All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire about your product. Once complete, our scriptwriters will prepare a draft script for you. You’ll be able to provide feedback, and once you’re happy, it will be sent to voiceover and animation. You’ll then receive the final video, which you can review and request revisions. This process typically takes about 7-10 days in total, and you’ll have a contact point throughout the entire process to answer any questions.
Can I order more than 90 seconds? More than one explainer video?
Yes, you can order any length you want and you can customize your order as you desire. All you need to do is just contact us
Can I speak with someone before i order?
Of course! Click here, ask your questions, and get prompt answers from us.
What if I’m not happy with the result?
Once your explainer video is delivered, you have the option to make free revisions. If you don’t like the video after the revisions, you can request a full refund within 30 days after the video is delivered. We’ll issue a refund immediately, no questions asked.
These usually cost $2,000 and more. Why do you offer such a low price?
It’s possible because we use a library of pre-made images. We have about 28,000 different objects, characters, shapes, backgrounds, and other elements.
Our secret is that we don’t need to draw them every time, for every video – we tailor a custom video for you using pre-drawn elements.
This allows us to save a great deal of money for you and offer you lower prices.  Because your buyers won’t pay you more if a building in your video is one of a kind.
They only care about how they can benefit from you. So why should you waste your money on useless things if it won’t help increase your ROI?
Is 15 seconds enough?
If you don’t have any text, we will create it for you. Our scriptwriters create a three-part script: 
1. Describing a problem. 
2. Show your product as a solution. 
3. Call to action. 
Usually, this is about 40-45 words, which is enough for a basic introduction of your offer. However, 60 seconds (150-160 words) is the optimal length, and 90 seconds (230-240 words) is the ultimate length as it allows you to include everything you want.

Explainer video animation - a new way
to communicate your message

Today, you can see them on almost each website. Google uses them on landing pages to explain their products. Amazon uses them to highlight benefits of their services. Facebook uses them to advertise its services. You can find explainer video on almost every successful webpage, today it’s a must-have piece of content, like a text and images, but even more important. And let me explain why.

You probably know that you have only one chance to make a good first impression. If you didn’t hook your prospect in the first 30-60 seconds – you lost him forever. He will continue searching for a “better” service even if yours is much better. Just because he didn’t understand that. Simply because you were unable to get your message across. I’m sure you understand that it doesn’t matter how good is your product or service, if people do not understand that. They will buy from your competitors, from those who are better in describing all benefits.

This is serious – you have one chance only to make a good impression and you must use it for 101%. This is not a game because lost attention means lost customer means lost money. All this moves you far away from your goals, from your dreams and it all starts from one thing – from losing client’s attention.

Now you understand how important is that. You can’t win with a good product and bad message, no chances. But you can win with a bad product and a good message. There’re tons of examples that confirm this theory. And that’s when an explainer video will help you to reach your goals.

Well, in a nutshell, if you’re a business owner, if you provide a service or produce a product, if you deliver the value to people, if you do anything that is intended to bring you money – you need it. Just because the main purpose of explainer video is to convince someone that they have to pay you, that you’re their best choice, that your competitors cannot be even compared with you. This is the main goal of any business and this is what an explainer video does for you.

  1. When you need to hit the nail on the head – you need it.
  2. When you need to present a new service, a revolutionary feature, an additional benefit – you need it.
  3. When you need to tell people about your service; and you need to do it in the most effective way – you need it.
  4. When you need to explain how your product works – you need it.
  5. When you need to convey that your product is much-much-much better than the product of your competitors – you need it.

Actually, you need an explainer video when it comes to communicating with your clients, prospects, leads, website visitors – with people who may be interested in your product or service.

Well, obviously, they can help you sell more. This is what they are designed for – sell your product or service. They do it in an easiest and the most effective way – they explain to your clients how they can benefit from your product. As we know, the best way to sell product is to focus on clients’ needs and sell benefits.

1. Increase ad response. If you are serious about marketing, then you probably know that the best digital marketing channels today are Facebook and YouTube. This is crazy how effective they are with their powerful algorithms of delivering your message to the right people. But it will not work as good as it should if your ad is wrong. And when you spent a lot of money and didn’t get a descent ROI, 10 marketers out of 10 will recommend you to check your creative first. Your message in the ad and how you’re trying to deliver it is curtail. And obviously, video ads are working much better than simple image ad, or even slide show. It’s proven by emarketer.com (link) that video ads achieve 40% higher Engagement Rate (likes, shares) and 154% more response than image ads. And if you add subtitles to your video, you can increase it to even 212%, which is crazy. This means that you can get 3 times more clicks and visitors by simply using a right video in your ad.

2. Convert more visitors into clients. If you’re running PPC marketing (pay-per-click ads, like AdWords, Facebook, YouTube), SEO marketing or any other lead generation campaign, it just brings you traffic. Basically, people will visit your website if they’re interested in the offer in your ad. But what is more important is that what do they do AFTER they visit the website? Do they contact you? Do they add your website to bookmarks? Do they share your information with friends? Or they just close your website and forget about your offer forever? Most of them do close and forget. But some of them contact you and some of them become your clients. And some part of those clients become your repeat clients, which is your ultimate goal, isn’t it? So, traffic is useless if you’re unable convert your visitors, if they leave your website and waste your ad budget. However, explainer videos are the best tool to help you increase your conversion rate.

And here’s the good news – explainer videos are not expensive. You can get one for just $397 including scriptwriting and voiceover recording. You can’t say “I can’t afford it” anymore, because we’ve made them affordable for anyone. If you’re starting your business and you’re on a budget, $397 bucks is not a big deal for a must-have piece of content.

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