What is a PR Video?

Do you want to promote your company to as many people as possible?

Below, you’ll learn how you can do it quickly, easily, and in the most affordable way possible. It’s the most effective method of marketing today because you can distribute your information using the most popular channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media.

Animated videos that promote your company, PR videos, are the tools to help you communicate your message to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You can put it on your homepage so each visitor can learn about your company in a fun and engaging way. This works much better than a boring copy such as “About us”, “Our story”, “Our mission”, etc. Nobody reads that anymore. Yet you probably have a lot of interesting and useful information there, information, that could change your customer’s attitude about your company, products, and services, information that would help them make the right choice and choose your company.

And I bet you’d pay a lot to get a chance to convey this information to all your visitors. This would help increase your conversion rate and your sales, if only they read the copy. But the problem is that nobody wants to read anymore. Let’s be honest. That great copy full of facts, stories, and useful information is boring to prospective clients. We may love how it sounds, but our clients don’t.

5 star facebook testimonial from client's product pr video by Top Explainers

PR video is the ultimate tool to help solve this problem.

A short animated video that catches your clients attention works much better than copy. It requires only one minute of your client’s attention and performs its magic right away. Choose a colorful, dynamic explainer video that will convey your information in an entertaining way, or a simple and clean whiteboard video that focuses on the core message. Both are 10 times more effective than copy, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, or any other static tools.

We all watched our favorite cartoons as children. That’s why people still love animation. It reminds you of the magic you felt when you watched cartoons and the characters came to life. This magic can now be re-created by professionals.

How can you benefit from a PR video?

As stated above, a short one-minute video can replace thousands of words by conveying your message 10 times more effectively. Even better, you can use animated videos for your marketing campaigns, which is where they shine. You probably see these videos used by Facebook, Google, and many other huge companies, which tells you that they work because those companies do all the testing, researches, analysis, etc. Of course, they have money to invest, but you don’t. But we can be confident about their results. If they know that animated videos are effective, then we can trust them and follow their example.

5 star facebook testimonial from client's product pr video by Top Explainers

Here are 3 simple facts about the effectiveness of PR videos for marketing:

Explainer videos increase clicks by 35%. Ultimately, they’ll attract more attention than any other ad, so you’ll get more interest and clicks.
Animated videos decrease ads cost up to 50%. And this follows from the first point — the more clicks you get, the cheaper each one is. This means that you can save tons of money while still attracting the same clicks, or even more.
PR videos convey your message 5 times more efficiently than a still image, and 10 times more efficiently than copy. And it can be done in only 30-60 seconds.
That’s what makes them so effective, and why everyone uses them today.

If you want to learn more about how animated videos help businesses increase their profits, or if you want to get one tailored specifically for your business, please contact us now, because your competitors already did yesterday!

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