What is an infographic video?

I bet you’ll be surprised that there’s a way to explain complex things easily and convey 100% of your message.

If you ever tried to communicate your message to your audience – clients, prospects, leads, etc., you probably would know that this is a real problem. Because they do not want to read your perfect texts, full of facts, they don’t want to scroll through your website up and down searching for an information they need. They don’t want to download large PowerPoint presentation files and turn page after page to get an idea.

They simply do not have time for all those things because they’re busy with dozen of other tasks – kids’ birthday, home renovation, broken cars, electricity bill, black or blue suit, what to cook for dinner, dentist visit and million of other small and extremely important things they deal with every day. Once we solve a problem, we get two new ones; again, and again.

So you have literally only a few seconds to catch them, tap into their minds and put your message there. What tool would break their bulletproof resistance and conquer their attention?

Infographic video did it for millions of businesses. It does it every day, and it will do it for you. I’m sure you’ve heard about this tool and probably know about its effectiveness, but let me add some details.

How to make an effective infographic

Infographic video is a kind of Explainer Video – a short animation that gets your message across in an effective and engaging way. This is like a cartoon for business, or about business that explains your product, service, concept, etc. Basically, if you need to explain something – infographic video will do it for you.

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5 Reasons to have an infographic video

  1. You have a new product or service and you want to tell about it to as many people as possible.
  2. You want your clients or visitors remember your product or your company.
  3. You want to increase your ads ROI.
  4. You need to explain a complex thing clearly.
  5. You want your clients to share an information about your product or company with their friends.

Would an infographic video work for you?

Actually, there’re no businesses that can’t benefit from its effectiveness, but it will be absolutely useful for you if:

  • You have a startup or launch a new product or service.
  • Your product or service has a unique feature that makes it different.
  • You want to explain complex details that will help your clients make a right choice.
  • You want to convey that there’s a big difference between you and your competitor.
  • You understand that a text is not effective anymore in a Facebook and YouTube era.
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How to find the best company to create an infographic video?

Probably, what are you doing right now is searching for a company that can make a breathtaking animation for you. You have already checked a lot of them and it’s not easy to make a right choice because they’re so different. Prices are different, styles are different, turnaround time is different. But it’s very important to make the right choice because an infographic video will present your company.

All you need to do is compare and find what works best for you. There’re many really great animation companies that are able to create a masterpiece for you for $15,000. But will it work better for you than an animation that costs less? Of course not. It doesn’t work like that – more expensive videos do not do their job better. Actually, they even do not look better. Of course, there’s a difference, but you’ll barely notice it and your clients.

If an infographic animation to you is a tool rather than a piece of art, then it’s crazy to pay more than it can earn for you. Animation price is an investment that must and will return and bring more money, more sales, more happy clients. It doesn’t make any sense to have an animation to entertain your clients. It must do it’s job – convey your message and sell your product.

Have an infographic video idea?

So, to make a right choice you just need to find a good balance of the price and the quality. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to pay more that $400 for 1 minute animation video, because we can offer professional-looking videos at that price. And what the most important – they’re proven to work. We’ve created more than 3,000 videos and gained a great expertise. And we’d love to share our knowledge with you.

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