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How do you tell the world that you’ve got a product that will change their lives for the better? That will blow their mind because of what it can do for a price that won’t break your budget?

Just look at this example done just right for Blaze Bite

What’s even more important is how can you effectively sell your product to as many people as possible in the shortest period of time? Maybe your business has an amazing story to tell.

These days, when everyone spends most of their time in front of a computer or looking at a smartphone, you can easily reach all your potential clients. But what can you tell them? How can you get your message across? How can you grab their attention when they’re so busy with work, families, chores, and life in general?

What you need to do is attract them with something catchy and interesting that will convey your message quickly and efficiently. We have the perfect 2-in-1 solution that can give you the results you want — a product animated video.

We call those videos 2-in-1 because they do two jobs simultaneously — catch attention and convey your message. That’s all you need for your marketing because the videos are the ultimate future of marketing. They work like missiles. First, smash through the wall; second, explode.

Product animated videos is a type of product video you can choose from and do the same by catching your client’s attention and conveying your message.

Screenshot of 5 star facebook testimonial from client product animated video

Would this kind of video work for you?

People are curious. They’ll always keep looking for solutions to their problems. They’re always looking for better deals. They love new things that will help make things easier and save time and effort. So if you have clients that are looking for solutions — animated product videos are perfect for your company.

Don’t live videos do a better job?

Probably, if your product is simple and straightforward and you can easily show and explain it. But if your product a bit more sophisticated, if you offer a solution that’s more complex and needs more detailed explanation, you’re better off using an animated video.

Using an animated product video can ideally showcase your product. You can demonstrate its benefits, how it works, and how it will help your clients. And the best part is that you can do it in only 30-90 seconds while your clients are still engaged by the video.

Screenshot of 5 star facebook testimonial from client product animated video

Why should you take our word for it?

Because we’re experts. We’ve created more than 3,000 short animated explainer videos. By the time we created 500 videos we’d already gained enough experience to label us as industry experts. There were so many different industries, products, services, and so many hours of work for scriptwriters and animators. After 3,000+ projects, we’re now industry leaders.

Our scriptwriters have read all popular marketing books so your video script is created to sell. Our animators have learned all techniques in creating compelling videos, so you can rest assured that your product animated video will deliver the perfect message to your clients.

By the way, we deliver each video in only 7-10 days, which is a really fast turnaround for the industry. That means that you can start your campaign earlier and save 1-2 weeks. This is a huge saving in time for any business.

So if you need a stunning product explainer video, you can always give it a try because we guarantee a no-questions-asked 100% refund if you’re not happy with the result. Even though we offer unlimited revisions to the animation, you can get a full refund at any step of the process.

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