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Animated Sales Video is a magic wand for your business.

This is the secret ingredient that you’ve been looking for to boost your sales. Millions of businesses are currently using these videos to generate tons of cash from their websites and it’s the future of marketing. Sales videos are the trademark of our social media era and part of the b2b customer acquisition strategy, along with b2c, e-commerce, etc

A few decades ago or even a few years ago, you had to find a good sales copywriter who could create a script to sell your product or service. It was the good old days of the greatest marketers such as John Caples, Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Victor Schwab, and many others. It was a time when advertising was beginning and there was little resistance from audiences. Printed media such as newspapers and magazines were the main advertising channels. Of course, marketing was focused on a sales copy as the only way to communicate with clients.

Things have changed and today we have much more effective channels to convey our message. Obviously, the internet is the most powerful with billions of dollars generated every week. Internet marketing is the most effective marketing tool today.

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Screenshot of 5 star facebook testimonial from client sales video by topexplainer.com

But would you only use copy, a tool that was effective 50 years ago while everyone now spends their time on social media? YouTube and Facebook video marketing has become a modern powerhouse. Of course, copy it still very effective, but today we have another problem. How do we compel people to read it? The most powerful copy is useless if nobody reads it, right? It’s not easy to make people read something these days when there’s much more engaging content around. And no chance at all if this is sales copy — plain, boring words that people have seen before. That’s why it is important to find a good sales and explainer video company.

5 reasons why should you go with an animated sales video.

Obviously, animated videos work much better today.

  1. It uses two channels of people to present information — visual and audio. You can use a visually engaging video and reinforce it with a professional voiceover that will add the necessary tone and emotion to the video.
  2. It’s easy to share. Have you ever heard about viral videos? Most everyone has. What about viral copy? Is there even such a term?
  3. It’s short. Sales videos are very dynamic so you can put a lot of information in only one minute. Basically, one minute will keep your client’s attention rather than 10 minutes of reading your sales copy. 10 minutes might as well be 10 hours when people are web-surfing.
  4. You can use it everywhere — on Facebook, on YouTube, in the App Store or Google Play, on your landing page, or even emails. By the way, have you noticed that Google shows videos FIRST when you search for something? Just think about it.
  5. This is a must-have tool. Marketing isn’t rocket science, and all you need to do is to look around to understand that every successful website uses sales videos to sell their services and products. They’re simply proven to work.
Screenshot of testimonial from client sales video by topexplainer.com

In fact, your marketing campaign or website will never be as effective as it could be without an animated sales video. If you’re struggling to attract clients and sales, videos are a must-have marketing tool. You have nothing to lose by trying a technique that works for other

Tips – How to make your own sales videos standout

There are a few hacks that you can practice to make your marketing videos more attractive. These tips have been proven to be very effective, and you will find that they have been incorporated in every successful sales video there is. Some of the best tips that will make your own sales video standout include.

Build out the structure

You’re making a video to sell your product or service. Make your script work harder by using a copywriting formula. This means you hit your customer’s pain points and put your goods and services as the solution to their problems.

Pick a formula that supports your target. Writing and editing should be simple. Anyway, you want to distill your argument to the basics. Your sales video is built to intrigue potential clients – quick.

Focus on your audience

To make a successful sales video, it needs to look nice. Ditch the wobbly webcam and study your audience. What videos will they link to? Does your audience prefer animation versus real-life in person video? Do they prefer vivid or corporate colors? Whiteboard of explainer video?

Look at what your competitors are doing. What videos do they make? How’s their audience responding? Research their strengths and weaknesses and add what you understand to your posts.

Stop selling and tell your stories

This might sound absurd, but actually, it’s the best way to connect with potential clients. So many people hate direct advertisements. They need something that will seize their attention and literally arouse their curiosity. If you start with a sales tone, you will be surprised by the number of people that will neglect your sales video.

This is why you need to come up with an interesting storyline that will entertain the various people but still keep the targeted audience informed about the product. This way you will find that even if the person was about to move on, they will get attracted by the content of the story and end up purchasing your product.

Maximize on the first few seconds

These are always knowns as the golden seconds. They will tell whether your prospect client will watch the whole content or not. In those first few seconds, you should be able to give your audience a clear view of what the video is all about so that they can decide if the video is worth their time. You need to come up with a hook that is attractive and very enjoyable.

For example, if at all you want to create a sales video on how your flour makes great pizza, you can start with a thumbnail that shows the end product of a great looking pizza. This will capture a person’s interest, and he/she will want to know how to come up with such. That alone is enough to make the person watch the whole sales video.

Make sure you include CTAs

Every sales video should include a CTA. This is also referred to as Call to Action message. This is where you tell your audience to subscribe to your channel, like and comment on your page or check out other content that you have. This is very important since it enables someone who has been impressed by the video to reach you. It also points the person to the direction where he/she can get the product and other related videos which in fact will make him/her even more interested in the product.

Without a call to action, a prospective client can finish the video and walk away without remembering to subscribe or leave a comment. Call to Action messages are usually placed at the end of the video. It is one of the most important tips to make your video stand out and remind your leads there is a way they can communicate with you.

Make sure the video is understandable even without audio

This is a very crucial bit when it comes to making your sales video stands out. A person might be in a silent place like the library going through your content. He/she will have all audio capabilities muted so as not to cause a scene in the place. This is why you should make sure that your sales video can deliver a crispy clear message even without the audio.
This is where creativity comes in. If at all the video can’t relay the message when on mute mode, then you might end up missing a prospect client. You need to be very informative even without the audio. The person might even find it very interesting and mark it for later use. This is one of the core reasons some sales videos stand out more than others.

Include some of your past customers

One thing you should have on the back of your mind is that while creating that video, people already know that you are looking for prospective clients. This means that they know you are a salesperson and so you have that sweet tongue. For them to be convinced that your product works or your services are great, you will have to include your past clients. These are clients who have tried the products and found them to be great.

Nothing is more convincing than having someone who has ever used the product talk a little about it. This tends to make people have confidence in the product and that the product actually works. It is one of the best methods to get incredible leads and even numerous references from those who have watched the sales video.

Be brief

To keep the buzz in your audience, you have to be very brief and straight to the point. Once you start beating around the bush, the client will notice and get over it. You should also know that if the video is too long, the client will have to go back to the beginning and confirm what the video was all about. This will eventually turn out to be boring for the client.

Short sales videos that are straight to the point, give the client the eagerness to want to try the product. It also makes him/her watch it to the end where there is the Call to Action.  Just make sure that you have the content and that your sales video is short enough to impress.

Start the video with questions

Always remember a product is supposed to be a solution to a clients’ problem. So make sure that you sell the solution right, and the customer will buy your product. With this in mind, start the video by asking a question. This might be “Have you ever ask yourself why some Pizzas are more delicious than others?” you may then proceed to “Do you want to find out why?”

Where will your put your video?

It’s also important to consider where to show your video and how to create a video that suits the platform’s where you will add your video. You’re posting on LinkedIn? Facebook advertising? YouTube? Blasting with a tweet? Embedding it to see prospects visiting your website?

Add music 

It not only helps make your video more interesting — but it also provides a professional touch. Music helps catch the audience’s attention before something happens in the video. It also helps set the perfect mood to joyful, hopeful, mysterious, playful, sad, or something between. Again, before words are spoken.

How to close sales with video content

The purpose of your video to stand out is to lure in prospect clients and create good traffic. You should not think that once your video stands out, it will automatically close sales, no! You need additional tricks for that. Some of the main strategies that you can employ to close sales instantly include…..

Make a custom thank you video for your clients

Of course, after a client has watched the sales video or demo, he/she will leave some questions or comments. It is now your time to make them aware that you care about them. Create a short video answering some of the follow-up questions and also thank them for their comments. This way, they will know you are legit and buy the product. It is so far one of the best ways to close sales.

Using marketing automation, engage prospect clients.

The function of a marketing automation system is to show you relevant metrics and to automate the process. You can use that information to contact them personally. Just let them known that you value them and if there is something, in particular, they needed help with.

Take them through all the stages involved.

Make sure that your video takes them through all the three stages involved in video marketing. This include, awareness stage, consideration stage and decision stage. You should be able to walk with your client until he/she finally decides that it is your product he/she will purchase and not your competitors.

How should you choose a good sales video company?

A well-made sales video can lure in prospect clients, get new leads and close sales just like that. All you have to do is guarantee that the video is worth it. The more your sales video stands out, the more you will close more sales. So many people face a hard time when it comes to making their sales videos standout. 

Now we come to the most important part — how to find the right people to convey your message to your clients. How can you get a great, customized video without spending a fortune?

Top Explainers can help you create explainer sales animated video without going through the process of script writing, production, voiceovers, etc. If you’re looking to increase your business growth with an animated explainer video, feel free to contact us today.

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