What is a Sales Video?

Animated Sales Video is a magic wand for your business.

This is the secret ingredient that you’ve been looking for to boost your sales. Millions of businesses are currently using these videos to generate tons of cash from their websites. Sales videos are the trademark of our social media era.

A few decades ago or even a few years ago, you had to find a good sales copywriter who could create a script to sell your product or service. It was the good old days of the greatest marketers such as John Caples, Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Victor Schwab, and many others. It was a time when advertisement was beginning and there was little resistance from audiences. Printed media such as newspapers and magazines were the main advertising channels. Of course, marketing was focused on a sales copy as the only way to communicate with clients.

Things have changed and today we have much more effective channels to convey our message. Obviously, the internet is the most powerful with billions of dollars generated every week. Internet marketing is the most effective marketing tool today.

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But would you only use copy, a tool that was effective 50 years ago while everyone now spends their time on Facebook and YouTube? Of course, copy it still very effective, but today we have another problem. How do we compel people to read it? The most powerful copy is useless if nobody reads it, right? It’s not easy to make people to read something these days when there’s much more engaging content around. And no chance at all if this is sales copy — plain, boring words that people have seen before. That’s why it is important to find a good sales video company.

5 reasons why should you go with an animated sales video.

Obviously, animated videos work much better today.

  1. It uses two channels of people to present information — visual and audio. You can use a visually engaging video and reinforce it with a professional voiceover that will add the necessary tone and emotion to the video.
  2. It’s easy to share. Have you ever heard about viral videos? Most everyone has. What about viral copy? Is there even such a term?
  3. It’s short. Sales videos are very dynamic so you can put a lot of information in only one minute. Basically, one minute will keep your client’s attention rather than 10 minutes of reading your sales copy. 10 minutes might as well be 10 hours when people are web-surfing.
  4. You can use it everywhere — on Facebook, on YouTube, in the App Store or Google Play, on your landing page, or even emailed. By the way, have you noticed that Google shows videos FIRST when you search for something? Just think about it.
  5. This is a must-have tool. Marketing isn’t rocket science, and all you need to do is to look around to understand that every successful website uses sales videos to sell their services and products. They’re simply proven to work.
Screenshot of testimonial from client sales video by topexplainer.com

In fact, your marketing campaign or website will never be as effective as it could be without an animated sales video. If you’re struggling to attract clients and sales, videos are a must-have marketing tool. You have nothing to lose by trying a technique that works for other businesses.

How should you choose a good sales video company?

Now we come to the most important part — how to find the right people to convey your message to your clients. How can you get a great, customized video without spending a fortune?

We have a separate article about this that I hope will help you make a right choice and get a video that will increase your sales or ad responses. You can find it here:

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