Guide to Choosing Engaging Graphics for Your Animated Videos2 min read

Guide to choosing engaging graphics

Choosing the right graphics and images for your animated videos matters most. You pick the right images and graphics, and you have a grantee to boost your video views, facilitate engagement, and share a product that speaks more about your business. So how do you go about choosing the right images and graphics for your animated videos?

Below are five questions you will find very helpful.

Do you have legal permission to use the graphics?


There is an unbelievable amount of content on the web today that you can access in a click of a button. While you can download any content, from images to infographics, it is good to understand that you can face serious legal consequences for violating copyright laws.

To be on the safe side, consider using only the content you own. If you decide to use content available on the web, make sure to contact the original creators and ask for permission. In a nutshell, avoid violating any copyright issues simply because you want to use a graphic. The consequences are not worth the risk.

Are the graphics consistent with your brand?

Every graphic you add must be consistent with your branding. Any other images, no matter how appealing it is, it is not worth adding. For example, refrain from adding graphics that confuse your viewers, hurt your overall objectives, distort the message, and don’t enforce your brand consistency.

Is this graphic of high quality?

Guide to Choosing Engaging Graphics for Your Animated Videos 2

Poor-quality graphics can significantly hurt the quality of a professional video. Even when the message seems to fit into the flow of your animated video, if the graphic or image is of low quality, don’t add it. It is even better to hire an expert to recreate the graphic. Often vector graphics are the best as they easy to work with.

Are all graphics video interconnected?

Make sure from the first graphic to the last one, a sound connection exists. Using conflicting graphics will not only put off your viewers but also discourage them from sharing your videos.

Bottom line

Choosing graphics and images for your animated videos is very crucial, and something to consider very seriously. Adding the right graphics boost your video view, retention rate, engagement, and ultimately the ability to get your message home is simplified.

If you find it challenging to choose and use graphics in your animated videos, feel free to consult. There are many professionals out there who can help.

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