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Persuasive Online Advertising

Online Advertising is a written affair, whether that site is a for-profit venture or a non-profit one. To communicate effectively with a visitor the website copywriter must connect with the visitor on an emotional and intellectual level. Understanding how to write so that people will respond positively to the website’s message is important for success.

In the case of a commercial website, without effective, persuasive, internet copywriting, visitors will not become buyers. While all language that is designed to persuade is ultimately manipulative, it becomes unethical when it is a lie and ineffective when obvious. People don’t like being sold to. Any obvious selling approach will not be trusted.

Studies have shown that most people immediately think that advertisers are lying to them when the advertising message is obvious. In order to effectively persuade a website visitor to become a buyer, the message must connect with who they are and why they want the products as services offered to them.

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Online copywriting to sell goods and services is about providing a customer with the feelings and products they want, in exchange for the feelings and money the seller wants. Keep that purpose in mind before beginning to write for a commercial website.

A simple mental experiment can help web copywriters and designers get started. Visualize the path the website visitor will take during the sales process. What pages will they visit? What information will they want? Imagine what they feel as they move from first time visitor to full time customer.

Imagining the Emotion of the Sale

As a marketing copywriter, consider why the customer is looking for these products in the first place. Mentally take a walk in their shoes. Try and see things from their point of view.

Next, mentally list the advantages of the products and services offer. What do customers get when they buy from this company? What specific problems do these products provide solutions for? What needs and desires do these products fulfill?

Now imagine what it looks like for the customer to actually use the products. Imagine them feeling the way they want to feel, feeling good about buying the products, feeling good about buying them from this company, feeling good about themselves for having bought them. Look at how happy the customers are.

Then, and only then, can the company get what it wants out of the transaction: the knowledge and satisfaction that the customer’s life has improved because of the business, and the success of monetary profits.

Now Write the Ad Copy

This visualization, plan and approach, can help make business copywriting and website design easier. Now the focus is on helping the client find solutions to their problems. Instead of a salesperson only focused on making the sale, the sales come naturally as a result of giving the customer what they want. The client is happy about the purchase and will become a loyal customer. They will tell their friends, generating new clients for the company.

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