Practical Marketing Ideas and Resources for Lawyers2 min read


Lawyers, like most professionals, are very busy and rarely have time to market their businesses.  With the majority having no idea of how to market their wells run dry fast. Fortunately, there are tried and tested ways attorneys can use to market their hustles seamlessly. Here is what they need to do:


Leverage customer referral programs



Lawyers can leverage existing customers using referral programs to get more customers. All they need to understand is how to implement a referral program, incentives to offer, and how to manage the program—only that.


Giveaways and contest


Why giveaways and content? They are suitable for lawyers as they require less investment and have a high return on investment. 


Encourage reviews

Practical Marketing Ideas and Resources for Lawyers 4


Not all customers leave reviews. Encouraging them, especially the best clients to write reviews is a good idea every serious lawyer must consider. Having a referral program in place can help foster reviews. Other ways to encourage reviews include:

Asking them in a professional way

Reminding them on social media and other platforms such as Google Plus, Justia, FindLaw, Avvo,, and 

Other review sites include:

  • YellowPages
  • BBB
  • Yelp 
  • Google My Business


Lawyer online community

Practical Marketing Ideas and Resources for Lawyers 5


By leveraging online communities, attorneys can seamlessly drive business to their sites. These communities exist in most social media platforms. These communities:

  • Assist potential clients in knowing you and your business 
  • Give lawyers a place to showcase your expertise


Social media

social media


There is no doubt leveraging social media does pay. Lawyers are not an exception. Like other professionals, they can also use social media to grow.


Email marketing


Email marketing goes a long way in strengthening relationships between businesses or professionals and their clients. Knowing to craft the right emails means a lot in marketing. Lawyers can leverage email marketing to promote their businesses painlessly. For the best experience, lawyers must do the following:

  • Make sure the content of every email is right, relevant, and compelling enough.
  • Send emails when necessary. Sending them haphazardly is not professional.


Local community involvement 

Practical Marketing Ideas and Resources for Lawyers 6


Attorneys can promote their names by actively getting involved in the local community. For example, supporting local schools, attending meetups, and joining local associations in the community. That way, even when a need to consult a lawyer arises, you will be a top priority.


Customer service 


Outstanding customer services result to more business. Lawyers can promote their businesses by offering exceptional services without bias. If a lawyer is not in a position to provide the best customer experience, hiring people who can do is a brilliant idea. 

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