The Right Content Types for the Bottom-of-the-funnel

The Right Content Types for the Bottom-of-the-funnel3 min read

what content types works the best

You have worked extra hard to get your prospects to the bottom of the funnel. Congratulations, but the journey is still not over. You have more work to do, that of making sure they move forward with you. If you don’t engage them well down there, they are possibilities for them to consider moving forward with your rivals. Remember, at this point, they have researched and compared you to your competition. 

To convert them to paying customers, you must show them in a friendly way that you have the solution to their problems.  Just give them a friendly push. The goal here is to demonstrate that your business has better solutions than the competition. You want to show them they are making the right decision to choose you. Once you do that, it will be easier to give them a nudge to become your clients. 


One effective way to guide your prospects at this point is by slapping them with informative content. This content shows them why they are more secure buying from you over the rest. The right content will nurture confidence in the purchase decision. Your marketing team working hand in hand with the salespeople can help craft bottom-of-the-funnel content that will push prospects to make decisions in favor of your business. 

So what types of content work well? 

Here are some of the best content to prepare for the bottom-of-the-funnel:

Personalized articles 

When buyers are about to make a decision, it makes sense to guide them with personalized articles rather than using generic ones. Give them meaningful articles that will help them favor you over the rest. Such pieces must explain the unique value of your products and services and how you will address their needs.

Personalized demos

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Demos do pay off when used in the right way. In some cases, they work better than videos. For the best experience, create customized demos. By personalized, we mean demos that highlight your unique value and why you are better than your competitors.


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Using videos at the bottom of the funnel is a brilliant idea that will go a long way into converting prospects to paying clients. Videos could be customers’ reviews, testimonials, an introduction from CEO or founder, and more. Just make sure to use compelling videos.

Case studies

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Cases studies also pay off at the bottom of the funnel. Just remember to share those case studies related to the buyer or their industry. For example, if they are in the IT industry, send IT-related case studies. That way, it will be easier to convince them why you are the solution to their problems. Best case studies are well crafted, include figures, and very informative. 

Solution methodology or company philosophy

Company philosophy or solution methodology, which can be in video, text, or image format, aims to show decision-makers how they will be treated once they make the decision. For example, it can demonstrate what will happen when one makes a purchase. It is a good gesture that makes customers feel confident in their decision. Using it will guide your prospects into becoming real customers.


The content you provide at the bottom of the funnel is very crucial, and considering prospects react differently to different content, there is a need to tailor it well. With a good marketing and sales team, crafting such content is a simple task. You can as well hire someone to prepare the content.

Need help to prepare the bottom-of-the-funnel content? We are here to help? 

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