--> 3 New, Proven Methods To Make Your Social Ads 80% More Effective

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3 New, Proven Methods To Make Your Social Ads 80% More Effective1 min read

Want to improve your ad’s response? Check out this simple checklist:


1. Create. Test. Repeat.

Run at least 3 different ads for the same audience. You never know which one will work better unless you test. Once you find a winner, add 3 more ads and test again. Repeat.

2. Narrow your audience.

The most effective ads are laser targeted. The narrower the audience, the lower the cost, the higher the CTR, and the better the response.

3. Test video ads along with images.

Still image vs. animation vs. real footage vs. talking head vs. live stream. Which one does your audience like best? The only way to know is point #1 – Test.


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