6 Time-Tested Ways To Hyper-Target Your Facebook Audience2 min read

Don’t waste your money by targeting the wrong audience. Learn how you can choose the correct one.

What is hypertargeting?

Hypertargeting is a marketing technique where you specifically recognize a target audience and distribute highly relevant messages where they will most likely see it.

Main benefits of hypertargeting

Is hyper-targeting really as effective as we think? When done correctly, improving the entire marketing campaign can be an effective weapon.

Here are the key benefits to prove:

  • You can send customized messages to your target audience, based on what your customers need. It would not only help you, but also your target audience, because you won’t give them messages about stuff they don’t care about, so-called spam.
  • You’ll raise both brand recognition and sales.
  • Only because you hit the right target, you won’t spend more money targeting people not interested in your product.
  • Your audience will offer useful reviews. Your customers will contribute to more potential customers, so you won’t meet an uninterested audience.
  • By selling to the right customers and on the right audience, you can generate more sales.

What you need to get started with hyper-targeting

You’ll need to be using Facebook pixel, which is a line of code that you place on your website that triggers cookies on users interacting with your website. It captures information about the people who visit your website and how they use your website, so you can learn about your audience and set up campaigns for retargeting.

How to Hypertarget your audience

  1. Narrow the topic as much as possible. For example, if you target doctors, create separate ads for therapists, psychologists, neurosurgeons, etc.
  2. Exclude unwanted audiences. Exclude locations you’re unable to deliver to, exclude low-income audience if you sell luxury goods, etc.
  3. Segment your audience. Segment them by age, location, even by interests. That way you’ll attract a more targeted audience faster.
  4. Saved audiences: Targets people based on email or text marketing lists you’ve collected. Facebook matches your customer contact details and allows you to display Facebook ads to those saved audiences..
  5. Lookalike audience: Using the audience to find similar audiences. Facebook takes the existing list features and builds another list of new users matching those features.
  6. Remarketing audiences: Using Facebook retargeting to target people who previously engaged your brand by performing specific acts on your Facebook page. These actions can be liking your page or watching one of your videos or clicking to your website (such as visiting a page with a certain keyword or remaining on your site for some time).

IMPORTANT: After you have a few different audiences to test, create separate ads for each. They shouldn’t be 100% different, but you should add a few words that would resonate with a particular audience. Add them to the headlines and copy.


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