How is a New Product Marketed?2 min read

So now that you’ve got the perfect product or service, what’s next? This article will explore methods for developing a marketing plan to maximize exposure to achieve higher sales.

Marketing Research: The Fundamentals


Research is the most important factor in any good marketing plan. This research can involve anything from identifying a target market to analyzing the latest trends in different areas. When conducting market research, it is essential to figure out who will be most attracted to the product or service. This group of people is known as the target market. A marketing plan should be created with them in mind, as they are the ones that will have the most interest in the product or service.

Developing a Plan


With all of the marketing research conducted, there will be sufficient information to begin the development of a marketing plan. Seeing as the ultimate purpose of this plan is to market a product, the plan should be broken down into a few simple goals:

  • Maximize Exposure: The more people that see or hear about a product/service, the more likely that the product/service is to reach potential customers. Businesses are always built in high traffic areas so that they maximize their volume of customers. A marketing plan should achieve the same goal: a product should be well marketed and advertised so that its exposure to potential customers is maximized.
  • Being Unique: It is very rare that internet pop-up ads are clicked on these days. When the public is overwhelmed with ads, products, or services that are similar to each other, they are unlikely to pay any attention to them. Only ads that are unique and eye-catching will draw attention to the product or service. This is crucial when marketing a new product, because unique marketing will ease the process of competing against each other, well-established products or services.
  • Budget: There is no mathematical formula for the perfect marketing plan. The marketer needs to work with a pre-set budget, spending only what is needed to achieve the marketing goals of the company. Over-spending can lead to an array of other issues within the company.

Executing a Marketing Plan


Marketing is a proactive and ongoing task. A company can’t begin an ad campaign, never do anything else, and expect the product to start flying off shelves. Unforeseen issues can arise when marketing a product, especially a new one. It is important that the marketer is prepared to face these issues in a reasonable and innovative manner. Creativity is key when trying to get the attention of potential consumers.

The two most important things that a marketer should know:

  1. They need to get as many people to see/hear about their product as possible and
  2. Their impression needs to be unique so that it leaves a lasting effect on potential consumers.


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