How to Create a Powerful Explainer Video Script

Over seventy percent of businesses market their services and product with an explainer video. An explainer video is usually a short animation that explains a business idea, service, or product in a clear, concise, and compelling manner to generate sales. Profitable explainer videos come with a compelling script. No two explainer videos are alike; however, there is a general formula to follow to ensure the success of your explainer video template.

How to write an explainer video script?

Step #1: Set Up the Problem

When writing your script for your animated explainer video you want to draw viewers in by quickly setting up the problem in 15 seconds or less. To do this, you need to know your audience. This means you will want to think about how the product would be viewed by your key demographic.

For instance, perhaps you are selling an article writing service. Your protagonist should be an overwhelmed client or SEO firm, and you are the antagonist that solves the problem. In this example you might have a script that starts out like this:

“As a digital marketer, you might be overwhelmed with your workload. One way to alleviate the pressures of your job is to hire a scriptwriter. A content writer understands how important it is to create quality content. BTW, we write scripts for all our clients for free!”

PRO TIP: Be specific. Are you a content writer or are you a content writer that specializes in a particular niche? Being specific allows you to target your buying audience. A content writer who specializes in content for digital marketing might send their video to SEO firms. A content writer with a specialization in the health niche might contact fitness magazine instead of targeting SEO firms.

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STEP #2: Solve the Problem

“By hiring us, you can be free to run other parts of your business without worrying about not having engaging content. I know what it takes to create content worth sharing.”

When providing your solution, you want to state what you do clearly as seen in the example script above. Providing the solution, however, is not the same as explaining what you do. You want to save that for last. At this point, you might want to change the focus of your video by playing a different type of music, changing the scene or perhaps stopping the audio altogether.

STEP #3: Explain the How & Why

The how & why part of your video should be the longest section. Here is where you would share all the benefits of hiring a content writer and selling yourself by showing your audience how you solve their problems with your service. You will want to be selective about what you choose to highlight. Focus on natural questions your view may have for you and dazzle them with your skillset and experience. Be sure to appear excited and passionate about your service or product. Appearing enthusiastic will set the tone for your video scriptwriting and will ultimately help you make that sale.

Customer testimonial 5 star facebook rating for topexplainers creating the perfect video script

STEP #4: Call to Action

You want to be careful here, if a viewer makes it to the end of your video chances are they are ready to buy. What you say now will make or break the sale. You want to keep it simple here. To convert a viewer into a buyer, cite the problem and deliver your best punch line as to why they should buy from you. One way to do this is to offer your audience a deal.

Following the example of a content writer, you might say something along the lines of, “Place an order today and get 10% off! Hurry up though, this deal won’t last forever!”

Finally, include an annotation with your email address or website URL along with it and you’ll be well on your way to obtaining a new client.

Key Points – How to write an explainer video script

Explainer videos are meant to be captivating, creative, and informative. Here are six quick tips to ensure you make the sale with your explainer video:

  1. Keep it Short
  2. Speak to the Audience Directly
  3. Be Mindful of your Tone
  4. Tell a Story
  5. Wisely Use Humor
  6. Pace Yourself

When creating your explainer video script another pro tip is to get feedback from your friends, family, and coworkers to make sure you are creating engaging content. Ultimately, no matter what you do, using a script template will ensure you do not miss the mark with your project.

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