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power of video marketing

When you stop to think about the last time you spent money on a major purchase, how did you initially find out about the existence of the product or service? Did you learn about it from an article you read, or from watching an online video? It’s quite likely that you watched a video. Video abounds in the modern world, and humans tend to respond very well to visual stimulation. In fact, according to 3M, 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual.

This means that if we watch others enjoying a product, seeing this is far more likely to convince us that we need the item that if we read about its details in a text format. Product specifications are all well and good, but being able to see what a product actually looks like, how it works, what size it is, and how it’s used are all much easier when video content is added.

customer 5 star testimonial on facebook thanking topexplainers for the online video that they made for him

Using Online Marketing Videos Boosts Your SEO

Creating tutorials or video ads for any business can boost your SEO. Often, bloggers and webmasters try to follow outdated SEO tips and tutorials, meaning that they only work with the words and keywords on the page. Adding online marketing videos has become an extremely important part of ranking a website, and dramatically boosts a page’s search engine ranking.

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One of the primary goals of marketing your business online is to improve your SEO. Taking the time to add video content marketing to your site can dramatically increase your results in search rankings, increasing your overall traffic. In addition, taking the time to create videos for your sites will help to keep visitors on the page for a longer period of time and convert more of them to paying customers.

Video Content Marketing Helps You Make an Emotional Appeal

The best marketers know that making an appeal to human emotions is a great way to get and keep viewer attention. Consider how important to our lives specific emotional advertisements have become. There are great ones that we look forward to, Super Bowl commercials that we love to watch, and those animal adoption videos that we flip the channel on so we don’t wind up sobbing over orphaned puppies. These marketers know how to appeal to your feelings. Online video production is a great way to work with the emotions of your customers, while keeping to your marketing budget.

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When you work with a skilled online video content production company, you don’t have to spend the same budget that you’d need for a television advertisement. But you can still enjoy the benefits that video marketing has to offer. In addition, you don’t have to get your video perfect for your target from the start. You can split test your marketing and target it to your client base, making adjustments over a few days or weeks as needed.

Susan Eleff giving a positive review of her explainer video that was created by topexplainers

Gain Immediate Feedback on Advertising Strengths and Weaknesses

Adding video content marketing to your overall strategy allows you to learn important information about how the market that you’re targeting is receiving the advertisements that you’re using. Many services that offer online video production can track the videos they set up for you, showing you how many times the video is being viewed, what your click-through rate is, and if your customers are staying on your site for a reasonable period of time.

This information is extremely important as you develop your websites, products, and marketing plan. You can learn what is strong and weak about your marketing plan, where your website needs work, and how your advertising can be enhanced by adding tutorials, explainer videos, or product videos. In many cases you can explain something with a video much more clearly than with words, so that your visitors get a clear grasp of what you have to offer.

Marketing videos help convert more viewers to customers, so that you can grow your company with each video explainer or advertisement that you produce. The conversion rate for video typically far outranks the rate for text content, making it well worth your time. After you’ve added relevant videos, your site will have enhanced emotional impact, an increased click through and conversion rate, methods for keeping viewers involved with your content, and statistics on how each piece of content is being used by visitors. This type of dramatic change can only affect your online business for the best, so contact us today to learn how to get started.

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