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video marketing customer acquisition
Video marketing is gaining popularity as a marketing tool and changing the customer acquisition narrative. Don’t believe us, check out these video marketing statistics from 2019. The main reason being videos offer higher engagement than textual content.


The visual element combined with a great product explanation, relevant content and a call to action, can be a powerful tool for customer acquisition hence increasing your revenue. Let’s look into some video marketing tactics.
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Leverage on video content

The usage and consumption of video content has been on the rise. The reason being video content has proved to be an effective tool in educating the customer about a product and for traffic generation as well.


Statistics indicate that the percentage of businesses leveraging on video content has risen from 63% last year to 81% in 2019. People embrace visual learning more than textual. Video marketing is, therefore, one of the best ways to educate and inform your prospects and customers about your product and brand.


The intention of the video will inform what kind of a video to create; an interesting one or an educational one. Another way of using video for customer acquisition is to share it on social media platforms and your website.


Leverage on explainer videos also to provide the customer with the information needed to make a final purchase decision. Take advantage also of customer testimonials to achieve the same objectives.


Create more content

Video content has proved to be one of the lowest cost of customer acquisition strategies. The reason for this is, you can create one video and embed it on all your marketing channels without the need for reproducing the same content.


In addition, you don´t need to go around looking for professional video production services. If you are willing to invest in a good camera and microphone you can do it in house; reducing your video content production costs. In addition, there is plenty of free video editing software available.
Remember, the purpose of the video is customer acquisition. Therefore let your content communicate or show to the customer your competitive advantage.


What is it that you are doing better than any other business? Create a step by step guide on how your product or service solves a problem or how a product works.


As observed above, video marketing is changing the customer acquisition game. Let’s look into its benefits.

Benefits of video marketing for customer acquisition

At a glance, when a customer sees your video content a relationship starts building up between them and your brand. Other benefits include:

You can use videos to educate potential buyers before they make a purchase

With the increased uptake of video content, consumers are turning to videos to learn about new products, services , and service providers. Take this opportunity and demonstrate to your customers how a product works.


Another way of educating them is by creating video content on frequently asked questions (FAQ). A very short video can help solve your consumer’s problems and reduce the number of unsatisfied customers. Isn’t it worth a try? Absolutely yes.

Mastering the share

As often said, sharing is caring. If you are creating informative and interesting content, your customers will not mind sharing it across social media platforms.


According to DreamGrow, 75% of people will share content if they found it interesting. The same research indicates that 2 out of 3 people will share content if they found it entertaining. Therefore if your content resonates with your customer, you can be assured of it being shared.

Has a direct impact on sales

video marketing reduces cost of customer acquisition

According to Wyzowl, 74% of consumers purchased a product after watching a relevant explainer video. Do you want to have a pitch lead directly to a sale? Use video content; it’s the perfect pitch.

It is a great tool for building trust

To convert a lead to a sale, trust is the foundation and this should be your primary focus when creating video content. By not “selling”, but rather providing useful and informative video content, you are creating a positive relationship that natures an emotional connection to your brand and products. Ignite consumer passion for your products by leveraging on this trust.

Video content is catchy hence caters to your consumers’ short attention spans

With a reducing attention span, human beings need something that will attract their attention and keep focused. What a better way to do this than video content? Engaging video content will quickly help your consumers understand your product while still keeping them soaked up in the content.

Video marketing distribution: the relationship between social media and video marketing

Due to the ease with which one can access potential buyers over social media, most companies use social media as their top video content distribution channel. It has also been proven that video distributed over social media has a 40% ROI as compared to other channels such as marketing campaigns which has 20% ROI. Therefore social media becomes a preferred distribution channel for video content.


Keep in mind the effectiveness of social media relies on authenticity. Today’s customer is looking for human touch and connection with your brand and videos can effectively be used to achieve this. Use videos also to close sales.


Consumers will watch a number of product review videos before making a decision about your product. Leverage on this too. So you have distributed your content using social media. How then do you know if you have achieved your objectives or not?

Measuring the success of video marketing campaigns

To effectively measure the success of video marketing understand your objective. Is it for customer acquisition or brand awareness? Video content will not limit you; you can choose to combine them by including a relevant CTA in your video.

Ways to increase customer acquisition: storytelling

Three steps to a compelling story:

1. Search your potential customers in their context and give them a story they can resonate with.

Your customers need to connect with your story. It will , therefore, be important to get yourself immersed where they spend their time and find out what they are talking about: what keywords are they using? Which social communities are they in? You will need this to set up the relevant tone of your conversation.

2. Do not try to sell anything; be a trusted person

You want to be introduced to a social community by a trusted voice. Therefore avoid sounding promotional. Share a story that either informs, entertains or educates. Otherwise you build a negative relationship with your consumers and they will lose trust in you.

3. Track ROI and accountability

Results to be measured include:


  • Traffic: After connecting to your story, people are likely to take action and visit your site more.
  • Distribution of your story and content via social media.
  • Leads: people register for events, request to be called, register for more information and so on.

Check out these great examples of storytelling in video.

How explainer videos attract customers

As competition gets stiffer, businesses are looking for better ways of engaging customers. Explainer videos have been proven techniques to get this kind of attention from potential customers. The reason being video content is usually more appealing than text.


You are therefore sure of capturing your customer‘s attention completely and quickly by narrating your story to them highlighting their pain points and how your product solves that. This story resonates with your potential customers and drives them to your door.

Where do you need to place explainer videos?

Social media

Due to its nature of quick engagement, it means the time you have to attract users to you is short. You, therefore, have to do it in the catchiest way and as fast as possible. Below are some tips.


There’s no limitation to the length of your video. However to keep the user engaged and keep watching, make the content absolutely relevant. Include suggestive visual clues or text to do the explanation when it has been muted.


Add them to you profile, or your story or to IGTV with the relevant hashtags as they will be used to find your content. Adding explainer videos to your profile is great as it makes it easier for your potential customers to learn about your business as soon as they hit your profile.


The rule of thumb here is to create useful and relevant content. Remember to include relevant tags to boost your viewership. The tags will contain the keywords that people will be searching for.


Include video content in your posts and hashtags to expand your reach. If there’s a trending hashtag, look for a way to incorporate your video

Attract new customers from your website

Place videos on your landing page, the home page, product pages and anywhere your product offerings need to be explained. You can add with pictures on the product pages. Remember to add a Call to Action for conversion or for making further inquiries.

Customer acquisition for your Ecommerce site

Marketing remains a huge part of driving business growth, but in order to achieve your customer acquisition goals in the shortest time possible, you need to put in place a strong customer acquisition strategy.

What does this imply?

To generate enough customers and at the same time ensuring your marketing costs are not all time high, a customer acquisition strategy should carefully be planned and outlined. The strategy should include different types of customer acquisition tactics whose focus is long term. To get started with customer acquisition strategy:

Define your audience

  • Who are they?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are their needs?
  • Where do they work?
  • What other products are they using?
This will help you in deciding which marketing channels will be a good fit for them and how to market in an appealing way to them.

What channels to use for customer acquisition?

This decision will largely be informed by knowing your audience. If using online marketing channels decide on: Social media, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising, affiliate marketing and so on. If doing it offline look at billboard advertising, print and event marketing and so on.


The most important thing is to do good research of your audience and find out their preferred channels so as to market yourself to them and attract them to your business.


customer acquisition strategy

How do you know if you CAC is enough and how can you reduce it?

In its simplest form, CAC is a measure of how much money you spent to earn a new buying customer. This definition doesn’t take into account other costs such as marketing costs and overheads costs like rent and hosting.


To better calculate CAC you need to ensure what you spent to acquire a customer is less than their total purchase; defines the customer‘s Life Time Value (LTV).


The preferred CAC: LTV ratio should be 1:3 or higher. To know if your CAC is acceptable, deduce how much your customers are worth by calculating their LTV, compare with CAC and make a decision.

How can you reduce CAC?

The first step is to drill down to the cause of the high cost. Next, you need to look for ways to control your marketing costs as it’s easier than looking for new customers to offset the high cost. To do this you can opt to do away with non-performing customer acquisition channels, invest in marketing automation and embrace target audience segmentation so as to market to a more relevant audience.


How to craft a customer acquisition strategy that works.

a) Advertise your product to acquire customers

With increased business competition, advertising has become a key aspect in boosting the growth of your business. Ensure you allocate enough resources for your advertising campaigns.

b) Acquire customers by networking

Leverage on the contacts you have to find new customers. This could be your fellow business professionals or the people you already know. Keep growing your relationships in search of interested customers.

c) The quality of your product matters more than the quantity of your traffic

You understand that SEO is the most common determinant of website success. But what if customers, hit your page but do not purchase anything? You will have gained additional traffic but not convinced your customer that your product is worth to be purchased. That takes us to the next point

d) Customer confidence in your product is key

To win a customer, you need to convince them that you are selling what you said you were selling, at the right price and that they can pay for the product using their convenient payment mode. You also need to convince them that it’s safe to shop from your site and that their activity on your site is private and confidential.

Customer acquisition strategies for your Ecommerce site

Grab guest blogging opportunities

This one of the ways to put your product or brand in front of your target audience by posting content on someone else’s website. Put in mind that the purpose of the post is not to promote your product, but to establish a relationship with them by sharing useful information.


If you do it right, then it will be easy to drive more traffic to your shopping site and also get referrals since they ultimately will click on your website link.


customer acquisition for ecommerce website

Use Facebook Audience Insights feature

This feature on Facebook helps you get an understanding of your current and targeted audience: who they are and where they are found. With this in mind, you can create relevant content and paid ads targeted at your potential customers.

How do you scale your customer acquisition channels?

When scaling your customer acquisition channels, it can be hard to figure out your optimal traffic driver platform. You, therefore, need to keep testing different channels and leverage on insights obtained from existing customer data to make adjustments accordingly. Here are a few ways to scale:

Boost customer engagement by offering great content.

Customers will not choose to stay with you because you have something to offer them, but because beyond the offer they feel connected and engaged with you. Keep them engaged by offering them valuable content. In turn, they will build trust and confidence in your brand and will become your brand ambassadors. Never make potential buyers feel that all you are trying to do is to pitch a sale, show them value!

Commitment to consistency

When customers interact with your content, they want to see consistency with your brand’s story. To achieve this, you need to have a thorough understanding of your customer‘s journey.


At every stage from exposure to making the first sale and beyond, let them feel that the content is authentic and does not mismatch with your brand promise.
Remember, social media platforms are increasing giving consumers more control over ads, implement this tip to ensure you don’t get tuned out by potential customers.

Keep searching for a new audience

To maximize on paid advertising you need to keep testing new audience and copies. This is also important when trying to market your product to potential new customers. The objective is to keep testing until you find an audience that makes your business boom.


The good thing with technology is it provides real-time analytics which helps you keep adjusting and making changes until you find your optimal target audience. Once you find them, remember to keep them engaged with useful content rather than targeted ads.

Use paid advertising wisely

To achieve this you need to narrow down to your most relevant target audience and personalize content to fit their demography. The advantage of this is that you will achieve very high conversion rates at a lower cost as your targeted potential buyers are likely to be converted to buying customers. Segment your audience depending on their similar attributes such as geolocation, social behaviors and visitor interest for higher conversions.

Go straight for the sale

While customer persuasion is the most common norm, going straight for the sale is a good idea. Ensure at every customer touch point you provide them an opportunity to make a purchase. During the purchase, you can take advantage and acquire their emails for customer service purposes and give them a personalized and wow experience to keep them coming back.

Find your channel and strengthen it

The goal here is to find the inbound marketing channel that works for you and keep improving to reap the best ROI possible. The backbone of this is understanding your audience so as to establish which content they consider valuable.

Leverage on affiliate and influencer marketing

Influencers already have genuine relationships with your potential customers and will trust their recommendations. Ride on this relationship to boost your revenue. This may not be the way to go for all companies; ensure to measure the success by looking into the response of your audience and make a decision to proceed or not.


Customer acquisition strategies may keep evolving, but the basics remain: provide relevant and useful information to your potential customer and more importantly show them the value of choosing you. For more information on how an explainer video can help you with your customer acquisition strategy then contact Top Explainers today!

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