Video Marketing Through the Buyer’s Journey3 min read

If you have been keeping up with inbound marketing trends in the last few years, this video has a hot topic.

According to Cisco, by 2019, 80 % of content online will be videos. It is time to start taking video marketing seriously! If you are not using video strategies, it is time you start integrating them into your marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Through the Buyer’s Journey 3

The main concerns for most people are: Where do you start? What kind of videos do you need? How to you know your videos are compelling?

Here is the Buyer’s Journey video to get you started. We have completed several videos that entail the Buyer’s journey on Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Some examples are also included.

Video Marketing for the Awareness Stage: Educate!

Video Marketing Through the Buyer’s Journey 4

Every piece of content you create with a stage of the Buyer’s Journey needs a corresponding video. In the awareness stage, buyers are discovering their problem and searching for answers.

The best video for this stage is one that educates the visitor. A perfect video is one that offers information to visitors rather than pushing them to buy. Think about the common problems that customers come to you to solve. Focus on creating videos without the intention of selling your products or services. How-to videos, FAQs, and inspiration Videos are excellent sources.

You can check out some examples of Awareness Stage Videos:

    Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays:

The video is incredibly educational and mentions the Moz’s products and services. In the video, common questions are answered.

 Adobe Marketing Cloud:

The video focuses on the pain point for Adobe Marketing cloud’s Buyers-Bad customer experience. The video is not pushing the brand, but it is exciting and entertaining.

Video Marketing for the Consideration Stage: Explain!

A viewer or visitor in consideration state is already doing some research on products and services offered. Creating informative videos is the perfect fit for this stage. The customer already has details about your brand thus, too many details are unnecessary.

Use the comparisons and product guides in making the best videos.

Viewers at this point are the weight options of your brand and other competitors. Demonstrate the value of the product or service in solving your customer’s problems. Tell a story in the video that will build their trust and make a good impression of your product or service benefit over the competitors.

Here are top examples of Consideration Stage videos:


CarePredict uses an animated explainer video by presenting the problem and offering a solution at the persona’s face.

Video Marketing for Decision Stage: Show!

When viewers reach the decision stage, they have already examined various options and made up their minds.

Creating videos with real-life examples of how people to use it is perfect. Demos, testimonials, or a history of your company culture are the best choices. Show viewers what it feels when they buy from you. Show success stories and make your offer irresistible to them.

Here are examples of Decision stage Videos:

HubSpot Customer Success Stories:

This is a real story showing how users have benefited from the product or service. They also show comparisons on users who have used HubSpot over other competitors.

JIRA Software Product Demo:

The videos show accomplishments before and after getting the product demo.


Creating videos that delight your current customers will increase retention and lifetime customer value.

Once you have created videos on each stage of the Buyer’s Journey, consider creating some after-the-sale videos for your customers. The videos/demos show how customers can get the best or use your product or services.


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