YouTube Strategies for B2B Companies5 min read

youtube marketing strategies for B2B businesses

YouTube is not just a video sharing platform. It is the most popular video sharing websites on the internet and the number two search engine after Google. Therefore,  if you want an effective digital marketing strategy for your B2B business, then YouTube needs to be part of that strategy. We are going to cover the different strategies for YouTube that all B2B need to be employing. 

Create Attractive Video Blogs and Post Regularly 

Most B2B marketing strategies contain a blog to help gather organic traffic to your website. A study conducted by experts found that 80% of internet traffic globally will be videos. Knowing this, all you need now is to convert the topics you have in written blogs into engaging videos and upload them on your YouTube channel.

adding a video blog to your marketing strategy

And the best thing is that you are not limited to what you can do. You also have the freedom to upload group panel discussion, explainer videos, customer testimonials, and any other vlog you think is valuable to your audience and your business. Your creativity here is a bonus. So, try to bring all the ideas you think will give you a competitive edge.

Remember also to carry out a regular content audit. Doing this will help you leverage what is working for your business and improve on what is not working. By implementing a consistent, comprehensive auditing strategy, you can be sure to boost your monthly video blog views. Below is an example of an explainer video by Spotify’s video marketing campaign. Once the content is created it can be uploaded to YouTube to gain organic views as well as allowing your content to be shared easier. 

Regularly Upload Videos of Trade Shows and Demos 

Trade shows, in many ways, help generate B2B leads. Your in-person presence and participation in trade shows, conferences, and other significant gatherings help you meet prospects, nurture relationships, and qualify leads.

If you participate in trade shows then you can capitalize on that fact. The quickest way to pass your message to prospects is by recording your trade show and upload it to YouTube. By doing this, you are not only tapping into that influential video-viewing audience but also generating business leads. 

Consider also filming and uploading explainer videos, demos, and upcoming webinars in advance. This is an excellent tactic as it gives your audience a sneak peek of what to expect on an actual day. 

recording video from trade shows


Storytelling is an obvious marketing strategy that has worked well for many businesses for long and has had a wide application in the B2C market. Many businesses have used storytelling in many ways to reach and sell their products to potential customers. Check out these successful storytelling examples. The idea here is very simple. You simply need to start engaging your audience with attractive stories about your brand. 

Another excellent way to do this is by humanizing your brand. The idea is to use your staff to promote your brand. Let them be part of the story you plan to share. It is more attractive when one of your employees is communicating to the world more about your business. Big brands like Microsoft have made huge strides by humanizing their brands, why not you?

When it comes to brand storytelling, the sky is the limit. You are never limited to a few options. You just need to be creative and figure out what works best for your brand.

Build Your YouTube Channel

There are many ways recommended for setting up and maintaining a business YouTube channel. Below are a few things you will find very helpful when getting started.

Create Consistent Banners and Icons

This is self-explanatory. You simply need to make sure the banners, logos, and icons on your YouTube channel are precisely the same with those on your landing pages. A simple mistake here can paint a different picture for your business, which in most cases, not the best from the one you intended to create. Consider even hiring someone to assist in maintaining the uniformity if you find the entire task challenging.

Organize Your Video

Ever tried to find something in a disorganized house? How was the experience? Perhaps irritating and time-consuming, right? That kind of horrible experience you had is the same experience your audience get when trying to find videos if you poorly organized your channel. You don’t want to shrink your audience for something that has a permanent solution. Fortunately, YouTube offers you an excellent way to group videos. So, make use of the video resources it provides to create a custom playlist that is easy to find.

how to organize your youtube videos

Create Compelling Channel Descriptions

If you have been creating well-optimized content, then writing engaging channel description is an easy task. The primary idea here is to make sure you are able to tap into the power of SEO to reach more people. Making use of the best SEO strategies at this time make sure your business will be in a position to create descriptions that will give you a competitive edge. If you get this right, your business will always have a reason to smile after every audit.

Invest in Video Advertising

If video content is working for your business well, there is a need to supplement this. Go-Globe found that 51% of marketers run YouTube video ads. 78.8% of those marketers consider YouTube ads as a more effective platform when compared to Facebook 58.5%. By including YouTube ads in your ad spend budget then you can increase your leads. 

The fact there are several ways of preparing YouTube ads. You can start by trying one YouTube format then going to the next one until you are sure of which formats work well for your business. Often, the standard ads options available to your business include non-skippable ads, overlay ads, skippable ads, and display ads. The list is long.

types of youtube ads

Final Verdict

Deciding which YouTube strategy to use can sometimes be challenging. No one said it is going to be easier to narrow down to the right marketing strategies, but adhering to best strategies can help your business benefit from the best video content marketing techniques.

If you want help on creating an effective YouTube marketing strategy for your B2B business then contact Top Explainers today to see how an explainer video can improve your marketing campaign.


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