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Before we begin, here is an example that we created a video call-to-action to help you understand better the idea. Joel S. Smith & Associates providing a solution to tax and accounting problems.


In your final stages of video production, it is of highly beneficial to include a Call-To-Action (CTA). Research by KISSmetrics concluded that the inclusion of a CTA into the content of your video increases clicks by 380% as compared to a CTA placed somewhere else on the same web page.

It is your deal closing point (handshaking virtually) and calling upon the person watching the video to go ahead and take action. Watching your full video means they got interested (otherwise they would have left within 10 seconds). Therefore, you need to summon them to act accordingly.

Meaning of a Video CTA

The segment of a video content that improves its viability by prompting viewers to make an extra step to interact much more with your brand and eventually be converted is referred to as a video CTA.

Since the video is already in your website where people view it, you don’t have to ask them to access your site (you are blowing away chances) you need to give them the next step of action not to let them find on their own.

Common Types of CTAs

high conversion Call to action on videos

Voiceover CTA

Ideally, you should have a competent voiceover artist narrating in your video who will help in trust establishment with your viewers. You need to stick to one narrator throughout the video to the extent of the CTA; different narrators are likely to confuse the viewers who give them a better chance of bouncing.

The voiceover CTA enhances your viewers’ ability to trust and confide in your products in addition to the provision of a powerful reasoning voice. Basically, viewers are likely to be convinced by a recognizable voice.

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Text CTA

Numerous online viewers, especially the young generation, are into watching videos with no sound; therefore, you have to include subtitles and text CTAs in your videos.

You have to ensure the CTA doesn’t limit the view of other vital contents of the video; avoid CTA pop-ups appearing in the video’s center which annoys the viewers.

Clickable/Actionable CTA

It is seemingly the hardest in execution but still the most effective type of video CTA which comes in various sizes and designs. A typical Clickable CTA contains a link in hypertext that can be clicked and instantly direct the viewer to a devoted landing page. They provide a conversion shortcut which is very crucial to any business; however, reaching to that point of bearing fruits may not be easy as it appears.

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Approaches to Creating a Powerful Video Marketing CTA

video call to action strategies

a) Strategize

  • Set up your video’s ultimate purpose such as generating sales and promoting your brand.
  • Formulate an action to attain the goal in a single step; each additional click is bound to bore your viewer.
  • Use A/B test (split test)to hone your CTA’s choice of words, designing as well as placement.

b) Text

  • Gain upper by having an innovative copy of CTA.
  • Make use of useful action words like Build, Learn, and Join among others.
  • Refer to the viewer as you’ to make it a bit personal
  • Figure out the viewers’ stage of conversion and customize the message to draw them closer to purchase your products.

c) Design

  • Create an outstanding CTA by picking contrasting colors with the other parts of the video content.
  • Let the link buttons appear to be clickable.
  • Also, ensure the buttons are visible by sufficiently enlarging them but not oversizing which would ruin the general design.
  • Then the button will appear to be of much significance when you provide sufficient free space surrounding it.

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d) Placement

  • The majority of the viewers are not likely to watch the video to the end; therefore you can include the CTA after a considerable time.
  • But, in case you intend to attract leads of high quality, you will have to wait for about ten seconds before you call to action; that time is long enough for those not interested to have clicked on the exit button.

How to Feature CTAs on your Videos

The Following are the most effective ways of featuring CTAs on your videos;

Create CTAs Right into your Videos

A standout among the most fundamental and powerful approaches to incorporate CTAs is to prepare them directly into your videos. You can do that by:

  • Incorporating a screen that shows what your viewers ought to do straightaway; usually, in the middle or towards the end of the video, or
  • At whatever point conceivable; incorporate a sound-related solicitation of a similar sort.

Incorporate Annotations

Diehards or even moderate YouTube browsers ought to be acquainted with the texts that frequently crop up in videos. Unlike adverts, they remind your viewers to watch other videos, add comments or subscribe to your channel.

Remember Advert Overlays

Different from annotations, in case your channel on YouTube is enabled with Google AdWords, you can include Advert Overlays in your videos that are bound to link your viewers to any part of the website. The good thing is that, with the campaign for AdWords you do not pay for the overlays, you just cater for the purchased views in your video promotion.

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Coming up with Convincing CTAs

Consider the following to make a successful CTA:

Start your CTA with a strong verb.

Quickly instruct the viewers exactly what to do. For instance, if you run an e-commerce site, you might want to start your CTA with terms like “shop,” “order” or “buy” or “get.”

Prioritize Briefness

The best CTAs emphasize brevity. This doesn’t mean you have to follow a count of characters, but it does mean your call to action and accompanying text never has more words than required. Some descriptions: helpful. So many things muddle and confuse.

Build Urgency

If you’ve told people what to do next, build a sense of urgency. You may do this by referencing a promotional deal or short timeline.

Harmonize CTAs with your Marketing Mechanization Stage

After customizing your CTAs for each funnel, it would be wise of you to append them to the MAP and carry them throughout the stages. Under such circumstances you are in a position to know who your viewers are, time of access and video content viewed.

You can gather from that data the interest of every viewer, and afterward catch up with them to provide them with several customized materials. They will experience a personal touch and have confidence in you to meet their expectations which leads to conversion.

Decide if You Want to Go Positive or Negative

This is an important aspect of the equation that many people forget. You can make your call to action positive or negative. Which one should you choose? Both are effective.

A negative CTA can raise anxiety, pain points, and risk aversions from a customer and give you as a remedy.

“Didn’t get enough sleep? Try our decaf coffee today,” for example, using a pain point memory to illustrate why customers need to press.

A better version of this might say, “Get your life’s best sleep without sacrificing your coffee crave with our decaf coffee”.

Let your CTA convey one or at most two key message(s)

Motivating an action as well as continuing with the conversion process is the primary purpose of a CTA; therefore, it needs to clearly and precisely indicate what viewers ought to do. In case a CTA just directs viewers to your site, then the required action is not explicit. At the same time, if your CTA contains three to four contradictory messages and links, then the process you are likely creating is already broken.

Let your CTA carry one key message such as “Download Your Guide”. However, two CTAs (related) are not often a terrible thought; in some cases, they might need to work jointly to move refraining viewers from one funnel stage to the other. For instance, a CTA may have two options; “Subscribe” for the viewers already into your product, or “Play Demo” for those who need to be convinced further.

Focus One Goal

The value can’t be overstated. Each campaign should concentrate on a primary target. Perhaps your Facebook video ad ‘s aim is to boost brand recognition, for example, so it was made for a cold audience.

Although other secondary outcomes can occur as a result of ad-like people clicking on your site or buying from you- these items shouldn’t be the priority if you’re trying to drive brand awareness. Your call should represent that directly.

Customize CTAs with Regards to your Viewers’ Conversion Funnel

It is vital to determine the stage your viewers are in the conversion funnel to tailor your CTA accordingly. Your CTA urges prospects to proceed from one funnel to the other and eventually convert to clients.

So, let your CTAs be relevant to each stage to ensure a smooth flow of the conversion process. For instance, a viewer at the top of the funnel is still trying to understand your brand, and therefore, it is not the perfect time to call for action, but for the middle and lower funnels, you can compel them respectively.

Let your CTAs be Relevant to Accompanying Video Content

Assuming your video explains how your viewers’ businesses can benefit from your products, don’t let your CTAs essentially direct them to your site which might have several contents appropriate to various stages of conversion.

Rather, you can direct them to the landing page from where they may access a variety of case studies on what benefits other companies have gained from your products. Besides, you need to have reasonable answers to your viewers’ questions they might be having by then.

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Compose Clear and Suitable Copies

Just like any other content in text format, your CTA is not an exemption from the copywriting guidelines. Make use of robust verbs, let your sentences be brief but to the point and, don’t apply negative or ambiguous words. For instance, you don’t have to write “Click Here to Download this Content”, you can easily say “Download”.

Ensure the CTAs are Advantageous and Valuable to Viewers

Whenever introducing CTAs into your videos have the mind of potential viewers; figure out what they would wish to understand and what would compel them to proceed to the next funnel stage. A CTA saying “Subscribe” or “Download” is not sufficient enough; by “subscribing” or “downloading,” why would they do that in the first place? And, what are they likely to get in return and? Let them feel they are benefiting from you; for instance, your CTA can say “Download Your Guide”, this makes them feel they are getting something.

Make your CTA mobile friendly

Many of your audience would likely watch your video on a phone or tablet. About 50% of consumers currently prefer viewing videos on mobile devices. It means adapting the CTAs to an on-the-go audience. If you ask these viewers to go through a complicated sign-up process or make a phone call, they won’t, particularly if they’re multitasking.

A call for action in video marketing may have multiple meanings, so don’t forget that you can also ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel or share the video with their social media friends — such action is much easier and won’t take much time.

CTA should be easy to click

If you use your video on your site, we suggest creating different CTAs that stand out. For example, you can use CTA on your website and add a pop-up feature. You may want to split test them to see which one works the best.

Test Your CTAs

Like ad copy and other marketing content, keeping your CTAs fresh is essential to be successful. Continuously run A / B tests to classify which CTAs get clicks that don’t and turn up based on what works best.

call to action

How Long Should Your Call to Action Words Be?

Can you attract people to click on your CTA with a longer sentence?

Quick answer, it’s completely, okay.

That said, they shouldn’t be too long, and dont try to explain too much. It’s not unusual to see a few words long CTAs. Although this can be a quick call to action, particularly clickable CTA buttons, longer CTAs can often work for you.

Overall, the call for action should be succinct, but that doesn’t have to mean incredibly short. Exactly that: succinct.

A well-written call to action’s brevity and directness will concentrate on what’s important and eliminate distractions.

When browsing our range of great examples of call to action, you’ll see plenty of “long-form CTAs” and how and when to use them.

Ending Videos with Call-To-Actions: Perfect Examples of CTAs

To come up with CTAs, you should likewise be creative. The following are good examples of CTAs which you can consider to include in your videos:

  • Cast your vote!– Request your viewers to put something they care about to a vote in an elementary poll.
  • Enroll in a Web-based seminar (webinar)– In case you often hold seminars or presentations on your site to promote your products, you can request your viewers to enlist in the following seminar.
  • Fill in structure– interested viewers definitely will. Let the form be short by limiting the number of structure fields to just the relevant ones to the viewer so that it won’t appear a lengthy procedure which will keep them away.
  • Join to win– an organized giveaway on a particular landing page on your site as well as social networks is a simple method to prompt reaction and connection with your products.
  • Pose an inquiry– at that point welcome viewers to “follow the discussion” through your social networks or any other appropriate platform.
  • Try for free– in case you are offering service based on subscription, you can consider to let your viewers test it freely.
  • Watch other videos– after watching the introductory video of your product; you can welcome your viewers to dig dipper into your more exclusive content depending on their line of interest.

Exemplary Video CTAs that Guarantee Success

It is essential to note that some CTAs are formulated differently from others, and you have to figure out the most relevant to your video content, the target group, and the intended action to be taken. We have specifically ten versions of video CTAs that are bound to succeed under the respective circumstances;

Explicit –Explicit CTA is a standout amongst the best and most compelling video CTAs. In this approach, you directly tell your viewers what action you want them to take. You need to be brief, engaging and direct to the point.

Avant-GardeIts positioning is self-evident but still ingenious. You can consider including an onscreen text like “Click Here to Download” then introduce your lick at the exact position as the pointer. It might be enormous and reckless, but the additional cunningness is worth in capturing your viewers’ attention.

Mood Setter –This approach considers the positioning and bearing in the CTA inside the setting of the rest of the video together with its planned state of mind.

Casual –A casual CTA might appear to be simple; however, that does not render it unimportant. Regardless of whether you have an intended for the viewer or not, you might still consider including a CTA which would help them remain focused on the bigger picture. It doesn’t have to be much specific, but it should be sufficient enough to enable the viewers to stay concentrated on your product offerings.

Motivational –It is an incredible asset when applied appropriately since you are basically utilizing your audience dreams to convince them to let you assist in actualizing those dreams.

Bobbing Arrow –This approach is based on the introduction of little but still on point CTAs in key segments throughout your video content.

You Can’t Resist –This type of CTA is amazing since it fills the viewers with a feeling of the direness of a specific product.

Seductive –It is an affectionate approach whereby you appeal with the viewers to meet their profoundly established needs.

Guilt Trip –A CTA in this form is intensely affectionate still, yet from a somewhat alternate point of view. If your CTA really touches
somebody, then he will act accordingly.

Hypnotic –CTAs of hypnotic nature don’t necessarily attract much attention to their selves, but instead, they precisely guide your viewers. It enhances a feeling of the CTA naturally blending and being part of the video and to a lesser extent an announcement.



As always, your video should include CTA. Not just a CTA but one which is relevant to the purpose of the video. Do not wait till the end to introduce your CTA because some viewers may not stay on your site long enough to watch the video completely, but still don’t present it so fast to overcome the video’s purpose. Quality CTAs are likely to enhance your conversion rates stage by stage and eventually, maximize your profits which is basically the main purpose you came into the business.

For more information on how an explainer customer acquisition video can help your business today, then please feel free to contact Top Explainers!

Success in your video CTAs!

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