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Storytelling has been used widely as a powerful tool for ages not only to pass the right messages but also to bring people together.  We also wrote an article on how to tell a story using video. Various forms of storytelling, such as word of mouth, drawing, films, and photographs, have been used in many ways to pass important information. All these forms, now plus modern technology result in digital storytelling.

The best thing about digital storytelling is that it still uses all those forms previously used, but this time, the narrative is short and tailored for online consumption. The ability of a business to leverage on the benefits of storytelling can help in modern marketing strategies by a great extent. So, why should digital storytelling be part of your marketing strategies this year?

About 80% of consumers have shown they are more thirst for brands that tell stories. In other words, a well-tailored digital story can go along way in giving a business a completive edge. This means your business ability to adapt and create digital stories that connect with your customers is a big advantage.


Five steps in how to create stunning digital stories

  • First, start with an idea. This the time to bring all those ideas which you think will help you connect well with your audience. Remember to make sure your narrative is humorous, precise, and catchy so that you can draw more customer towards your brand.
  • Next, make sure you clearly understand your consumers. This is obvious if you want to win in marketing. There are no shortcuts if you are going to win. The main idea here to make sure the target audience feel part of the brand.
  • After you are confident you clearly understand who are the target consumers, it is time to focus on where to find them. Is it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Knowing where to find them is a huge bonus as it helps tailor the right narratives. Besides this help create the right content. For example, if your consumers are mainly on YouTube, definitely vlog story will give you an edge.
  • Now it is time to prepare the script or a storyboard. Here you have to be careful with the choice of words you pick. Every character matters a lot. The most crucial thing here is to make sure your choice of words results in an exceptionally digital narrative.
  • A call to action should never miss in your narrative. The main reason why you are preparing a digital story is to give your consumers a reason to act. And not just acting but to be of value to your investment. So, make sure to include a specific CTA in your story.

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The digital storytelling toolkit

You are not yet ready to create the right digital story if you don’t have a perfect storytelling toolkit. Here is what you need to get started.

  • It has been said, again and again, pictures speak louder than words. Your choice of images should be, therefore, perfect. The trick is making sure every image you pick is well edited. Today you can even use your smartphone to edit.
  • What do you want your listeners to hear? Definitely, you want them to get you clear and loud. Consider even investing in a quality microphone like lavalier so that your listeners never miss a word about your branch.
  • Without a doubt, video is one of the best forms of storytelling. Figures have even shown how video is taking over the internet. Why not then invest in videos? The availability of many video apps in the market makes even your work easier.

Starting your storytelling journey

The perfect time to start is now. It is not too late to leverage the benefits of digital storytelling. Just as you are, you are ready to get started. You don’t have to be like other huge brands to make the first step. Knowing what to do and acting is all you need to benefit from digital storytelling.

Even when you feel you are the smallest brand in your industry, a well-tailored digital story can turn out to be that marketing tool you only needed to make a huge impact.



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