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Successful Video Marketing

If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, then how much effect will a video have when added to your marketing toolbox? That is the basis of video marketing, a marketing technique designed to engage your audience through visual and audio channels.

It has a wide range of application and you can use it to create customer rapport, promote your products, services or brand. Additionally, it presents you with a platform to promote customers reviews or testimonials, present how to use a product, show live events or deliver entertaining events.

How it operates.

Video marketing involves creating videos which aim at promoting your company, promoting sales through creating awareness of either the products you sell or services you offer and engage your customers. Like many other forms of marketing, it is demanding and will require more effort and equipment. Since video marketing is data-driven, you will have to monitor your market or geographical area covered in order to know what kind of videos you are going to create.

Video marketing strategy

Creating a successful video  marketing strategy

If you walk to an average video marketer and ask about his or her marketing strategy, probably you are going to get a shrug. However, there is no deeper objectives behind it. With people spending nearly a third of their lives watching posted video online, coming up with an interesting video should not be a big deal.

A survey conducted in 2018 on marketing statistics, showed that companies that used video marketing increased sales from 67% to a whopping 81%. The secret behind this is simple. People are easily convinced to buy products when they see them on a video.

The simple steps articulated below will help you come with engaging, on the point yet interesting marketing strategy which will guarantee results.

1. Know your market well

In order for any marketing to be a success, intense research has to be conducted. The things you ought to know are like, who are you considering serving? What content seems to rhythm well with them? Which sites or channel do they spend most of their time on? It would be futile to create great video content and play them on sites your potential customers don’t visit.

Other factors to put into consideration is that you the gender and age of the customers. Your videos should suit these two conditions as different age groups have different tastes. If your audience is entertained, it will trigger sharing of the video which will surely boost sales.

2. Set your goals

Are you introducing yourself to the world? Are you reminding customers or drive sales? Depending on what you want to achieve at the end of the day, make sure you use the right tone, body language and message in order to get a better grasp on your viewers.

Spend time gathering what is on consumers’ mind, that is, their insight. This will help you know what to include in the video. This will not only help you to engage them but will greatly help your budget well.

3. Allocate resources

Obviously, you do not want to create a video that will turn off potential clients even before they are midway. Allocate ample time and a reasonable budget. Have decent equipment and editing software and an excellent marketing team. This will guarantee quality which will attract attention and people will freely share the video hence creating more awareness.

The video marketing budget should make sense.  As observed, many marketers make the mistake of investing tons of money into a video marketing project thinking it will automatically result in great success. On the other side, straining your budget can mean you will not be able to reach far out hence tarnishing your brand on a mission you thought was going to uplift you.

Having clear goals and understanding your audience well will help you determine what kind of videos you are going to create. Depending on what you sell you can decide to create short videos to be shared on social networks instead of focusing on video production. However, if you can afford larger budgets and want to have your brand advertisement on top of everything, consider telling a captivating story or include celebrities. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to recruit big ones, look for someone who is well-known may be in YouTube or the field you are in and has guts to represent you well.

4. Determine what to include and what video format to use in your videos

Once you have established your market and has set the budget, it narrows down to what to include in the video and what format to use. The goal of the video should be clear, is it instructional or how-to, brand stories or narrative? It should keep viewers engaged and appreciate what you want to share until the end.  You should not be afraid to borrow ideas from successful marketers.

5. Keep your videos short but as detailed as possible. Advance your videos and target for each network

Depending on which social media platform you are going to engage your advertisement in, you will need to ensure your videos are refined to meet the channel’s demands.

For Facebook video marketing, you need to keep your videos short, wait for about two weeks before posting another. This will give you ample time to see the reaction and know on areas to improve.

If the video is Twitter oriented, you need to find a balance between device, keywords, and interest in the audience. This will help you keep track on how your campaign is progressing.

Ways to measure your campaign success rate.

Once you have introduced your Video in the market, you should carry follow up to see how it is performing out there. It will enable you to know if you are achieving what you intended or not. The issue could be the time you release the video, the channel, message or it could not be creative enough. Or maybe the videos may be too long or short hence the poor feedback. Carrying test after test will help you eliminate all the mentioned above.

If you wish to test your success rate, use the following.

Feedback from clients

It may seem an old method to test how you are doing. However, reading comments left will help you know if your content was a positive or negative and take both into consideration. People having time to leave comments would be potential customers.

Play rate

The number of people who clicked play on your video will give you an idea on how your video advertisement is performing on specific websites. This will help you choose the best website as you will clearly see which site had more hits.

View count

Although a view is measured differently across different channels for example YouTube (30 seconds) and Facebook (3 seconds), you will know how many people hit the play button despite not knowing how long they spent on the video. This will also enable you to know which channel could be harboring potential customers.


Finally, you will need to know if people watched your ad to the end. This is what is called engagement. This will give you a general perception on whether you need to improve on your message, creativity, quality and the length of the video.

Tips for a video marketing strategy

Seven keys to an all-round video marketing Strategy

1. Playing videos on your channel is kin.

By having people on your website is like having the battle half won. They are now part of your funnel and not susceptible to distractions offered by third-party advertisement agencies like Facebook and YouTube. You can upload videos on your website through  Embeds. Video hub. Video landing and sports pages.

2. Ensure your videos are engaging

Make sure you target the right audience, be creative and stick to the plan in order for viewers to find the Ad relevant and useful.

 3. Is the length of the video appropriate?

This will only be determined after you collect data after conducting test after test or otherwise it will be a guessing game. The engagement observed will determine if you will create 50 seconds clip or a 45 minutes webinar.

4. Find your way, your channel

Over the years, YouTube and Facebook have remained to be the most useful channels. However, they are not the only ones. Finding an alternative, a new channel will call for test after test, optimizing customers and determining the engagement rate. You should not make a conclusion on the first data collected.

5. Include videos on email as part of your marketing strategy

Including short videos or GIFs on the emails sent to clients. This has been known to improve salesResearch conducted showed this normally increases sales and awareness by up to 62%. It does not matter whether the email is personalized or an organizational one, however, follow up on feedback to see the customer‘s comments.

6. Introduce videos across the marketing-funnel and buyers-journal

Videos are the best option to present yourself. It tends to put the audience in a conversation mood. It is important to note that video ads are best when used to create awareness, as research conducted, showed 79% of prominent marketers use it to create awareness compared to 24% who attribute it to conversion.

Having a clear mindset of web funnel when it comes to video marketing can instantly improve your marketing data and results.

7. Integrate data within your videos

The sad reality is that only 33% of all marketers have their data integrated in their marketing stack. The data of how your business has been trending is important as it can be used to set confidence in the viewers. You have to find a way to include them into Google analytics, Markeo, Hubsort, and Salesforce.

5 things to avoid when it comes to video marketing

1. Creating too long videos

With so much content to see online, not many people will be willing to spend much time on what you have to show them. An average person’s attention spans for less than ten seconds. Therefore, you have to make those seconds count. Put the meat first, the goal of the video should be clear from the first second. The longest clip should last 90 seconds unless it is an educational one like a webinar.

2. SEO

Thinking that Search Engine Optimization, SEO has nothing to do with video marketing is totally wrong. Having clear SEOs in your video, for example, in the title will make your videos easier to search.

3. Poor quality videos

Producing high definition videos with quality soundtracks will keep interested. People lose interest when they strain their eyes or ears to keep on what you are trying to present to them.

4. Choosing the wrong platform

Posting fantastic videos in the wrong platform is all in vain. You will not get hold of the clients you were intending to get your message to. It is essential to get results from your efforts, ensure you conduct enough research about your potential customers and that the platform aligns properly with your goals.

5. Not iterating.

No matter how creative or entertaining you think your videos are, you should always revisit the promotion site or your website to see how it is performing. The feedback you will get from the audience will help you determine if you will need to restructure your marketing toolbox strategy.

Final verdict

The current society looks almost for every solution to their problems on the web. Lengthy info in writing can be boredom as people want quick solutions to whatever they are looking for. For you as a marketer, you should seize this opportunity and introduce yourself to the market. The advantages of video marketing are innumerable. The final piece towards great success is that you should incorporate email marketing in your strategy.

For help on creating an explainer video for your video marketing strategy the contact Top Explainers for more information on how we can help you!

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