How To Test Your Facebook Ads And Find a Winner Faster4 min read

Three proven methods for those struggling to find a winning Facebook ad


If you’re still struggling to find a profitable ad, check this out. I’ll explain the strategy of testing ads, audiences, creatives, etc. You can find a short explainer video below, which explains the same concept in 60 seconds so you can choose to read or watch.

Ok, here we go – Facebook ads don’t work for you. If you were able to sell your product on other platforms and it’s tested and proven, then the problem is either with your creative or your target audience. How can you fix it?

In advertising, there’s no way to find a correct solution except testing. This has been figured out in the early 20th century (circa 1920), and still works. You just need to test all your ideas to find out which one resonates with your audience. I guarantee that there’s one that WILL resonate and you just haven’t found it yet — just keep testing.

What to test?

Let me share an example of the internal tests we made here at Topexplainers by our marketers. The goal was to create a topic for our weekly animated series of “60-second marketing hacks” that our audience would be interested in learning.

We knew Facebook ads are something that our audience wants to explore, but what exactly? So we decided to run a test to find the most popular topics. We created three different videos for three different topics – Targeting, Images vs. Videos, and Improving Campaigns. Then we ran a campaign and showed each of those videos to three different audiences — two identical audiences and one cold, general audience.

If a video is popular with one audience, this doesn’t mean it will be popular with another. But if a video is popular with 2 or more audiences — this is a clear signal that the topic is popular. That’s why we used three different audiences because it allowed us to crosscheck the results.

How To Test Your Facebook Ads And Find a Winner Faster 3


So check out the screenshot. Do you know which topic we should pay attention to? Sure thing you do, because now it’s absolutely clear — our audience is striving to learn more about targeting. This video was the most popular with all audiences. Would it be possible to figure that out without the test? No way. I personally thought that ads improvement would be the most popular, but I was wrong. And there are thousands of marketers out there who were wrong thinking that they know their niche and their audience. A lot of money was lost because of that false assumption. This simply isn’t true.

How to test?

Here’s how we structured our campaign. This is how you should structure your campaigns — you need to test at least three creatives and to show them ALL to at least three DIFFERENT audiences. This will help you find the best creative AND the best audience at once. Because it’s possible that your creative won’t resonate with a particular audience, but would blow up with another audience.

How To Test Your Facebook Ads And Find a Winner Faster 4


Rules for testing Facebook ads:

Please note that there are three rules you should know when you perform ads tests:

Rule 1:

Always test with low budgets. Don’t go all out unless you found a proven combination of your creative/copy and audience. Even if you’re 101% sure you know what would work — try it first anyway. It’s more likely you’ll be surprised by the result.

Rule 2:

The second important rule to remember — once you find a winner ad — scale it up, BUT keep testing. Now you have an audience interested in what you’re offering. That’s perfect. But now try a different (new) creative with this audience. Even though the one you’re currently using works great, it’s possible there’s one that would work even better. And this process is endless. There’s always something you can improve in your creative.

Rule 3:

Once you’ve found a winner ad — don’t touch it. Don’t even think to improve it, just let it run and do its job for you. If you want to change or improve it — create a duplicate and work on it rather than the ad that performs great. It’s not easy to find a winner and you definitely don’t want to destroy the performance you’ve worked so hard to gain.

Yes, that’s a lot of work. Create all those ads, creatives, structures, etc. Not to mentioned tracking and further optimizations. And if you’re not sure what and how to do, this will be 10x harder. More likely, you’ll fail the first 5-10 times. But you’ll gain priceless experience and each successive campaign will be better than the previous one.

Still have questions or need help?

However, if you’re struggling and are about to give up, remember that you’re welcome to ask me for help. I’ll be happy to check out your campaign and provide recommendations. Or I can even create it for you from scratch, utilizing my 10 years of experience and the expertise of our team. Or, we can just create a video ad for your Facebook campaign that would definitely improve it. Don’t hesitate to reach out with ANY question — it’s our pleasure to be of service.



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