Top Local Video Marketing Tips and Strategies5 min read

Top Local Video Marketing Tips and Strategies

Local video marketing is an excellent way of engaging your local audience. It is a cost-effective, able to generate highly targeted and relevant leads, and ultimately get more customers and sales. Businesses that are not using video marketing are leaving competitors to swipe under their noses. Videos are compelling in persuading customers and must be included in the local SEO business strategies.

Are you having doubts about video marketing? Perhaps these statistics will change your mind:

  • 88% of customers spend more time on a website with a video- Forbes
  • People are 4 times likely to call to action with a video
  • 65% of local e-commerce audience purchases watching a video
  • Customers retain 95% of video content, compared to 10% retain on text – Forbes
  • About 82% of users on twitter watch a video – Worldstream
  • 95% of people use the video explainer to understand quickly on the product or service- Hubspot
  • 50% of customers search for a product-related video before visiting the local store

How to Market Your Videos Locally

There are two ways:

  • Organic or Video SEO (free)
  • Paid Ads

Organic or Video SEO

Top Local Video Marketing Tips and Strategies 3

Many businesses have uploaded high-value production videos on YouTube. They, however, fail to get returns as they upload videos the wrong way; hence, their videos cannot be found in the search.

YouTube is 2nd in the performance of the search engines owned by Google. You can use YouTube to generate views and traffic quickly compared to when using the keyword phrases to appear on Google’s page 1.

Uploading videos the wrong way on YouTube is useless. Here are tips on how to upload a video on YouTube.

Do Keyword Research

Do thorough keyword research using the Suggest feature on YouTube. Type your keyword and see the suggestions available. Choose the one relevant to your video. These are actual phrases being searched on YouTube every day. To maximize your traffic on your video or website, use Google Trends, Google Ads Keyword Planner to get popular keywords and phrases recommended for use.

Target Low-Competition Keywords

Beginners in video marketing don’t have the channel authority on highly competitive keywords.  Start with low-competition keywords and build the authority of your channel once YouTube ranks your videos. Use Tube Buddy Chrome Extension to find keywords with low competition.


Include your keywords in your title, description, and tags. Include the location on your business in the keyword. For example, if you own and run a pet food store, make your keywords look like:

“East London’s Best Pet Food Store.”

Subtitles/Closed Captions

Use services like Designrr and Rev to transcribe your videos and upload the transcripts. It opens up your content to a broader audience, inclusive of the deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. 

video marketing - spread your message to the world

Use Google Display Network (GDN) via Google Ads for Video Ads on YouTube to get your message out there in a few hours. Video ads only get charged by Google Ads only when a viewer watches your video more than 30 seconds or engages action on your ad.

How to establish engagement with the audience:

  • Link the YouTube account to Google Ads
  • Create premium quality content blog posts with a video on it
  • Run Trueview in-stream & search ads
  • Build a remarketing list for the audience that watched your video
  • remark them using images and other video ads on YouTube & CGN

This strategy is going to help you build authority in your local area. Creating videos that solve other people’s problems will earn you clients who are warm and earn you more. Here are some of the video ads you can create.

Skippable Video Ads

Viewers can skip these ads after 5 seconds. They appear on monetized videos or during the main video. They are used to promote products, showcase workflow, direct call to action, or a presentation.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

They appear before or during the main video and cannot be skipped. Depending on regional standards, they can be 15-20 seconds in length.

Bumper Ads

They are non-skippable ads that last 6 seconds or less. They appear before the main video. They are perfect to use for branding campaigns along with a video or ad campaign.

Types of Videos

Top Local Video Marketing Tips and Strategies 4

Here is a list of compelling videos that you can create if you are struggling with ideas.

Meet The Team/About Us Videos/Brand

Start by introducing yourself to the audience. That is how you build trust with the viewer. Make a video under 2-minutes long. You can embed them on your social media or website. 

Explainer/Software Walk-Through Videos/Product Demo

They are best used to demonstrate expertise to your audience. Learn how to upload walkthrough videos and build thousands of subscribers in a few months. Learn how to make marketing videos here.

Behind the Scenes

If you get the opportunity, ensure that you shoot a BTS (behind the scene) video. That creative process when shooting a movie, photoshoot, and setting up a trade show attracts many people to trusting your videos.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonial videos are compelling. You have to pride yourself when you get excellent customer reviews. Clients on your website will build more trust in you very quickly, and the audience will grow as a result. You must never coach your clients on what to say. Request your clients to record themselves and send you a video only if they are happy with your products and services.


Videos are good for big and small corporations. You now know the importance of video marketing and how it will help in building trust with your clients. Videos will also bring you more clients.  It does not matter if you are shy before the camera. Use these tips, and thank me later! 

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