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What makes explainer videos effective marketing strategies? In a word, conversions. 9 out of 10 customers purchase decision was influenced by a video. The reason is that content is shared 1200% more times on social media than any other content. In fact, over 70% of all online traffic consists of video content. Check out more explainer video statistics.

Now, are all explainer videos equally effective? The answer is a resounding NO! Poorly scripted videos are worse than no videos.

Read here for how to create a powerful explainer video script.

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Videos are a counterpart of your branding strategy, therefore they show the value of your product. The higher the video quality, the more professional your brand is perceived to be. There are many good products out there that never lived to their potential because of poorly done marketing videos.

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Do you want a winning explainer video?

The vast majority of companies outsource the project – and if you are here, you are part of these percentages. In that case, you have to know how to choose an animated explainer video production company.

Although a simple Google search will give you thousands of “established” and “professional” video production companies, it is hard to know if they can make the perfect video for your business.

It is how you pick out the company that will help you obtain results.  Below are six important conditions your prospect animated video production company must have.

1.   Affordability.

First, we got to say that price is not necessarily related to quality. In the hands of a good animator, a simple plot and script will work magic.

Bearing that in mind, look at the different types of videos that a company has to offer. Consider the price of each video and try to determine what video type best reflects your brand.

Get an estimate for your desired video type and determine if the price indeed shows the quality. It is also important that you look for a company that does every aspect of the production in-house. That is evidence of professionalism.

How Much Does Explainer Video Cost?

2.   Quality of Work

There are several considerations to make to check if you are getting good quality work, among them the smoothness of the animation and clarity of voiceovers. Ask yourself if they are in symphony with each other.

Does the audio sound rush? Viewers prefer the standard quality of animation and good audio, that terrible audio with great animations.

Look at the company‘s portfolio and keenly assess their productions.  Experienced companies will have expansive portfolios. The more experienced a company is, the higher quality product they will handle.

That said, you should not overlook a company based on the portfolio alone. A company with a few high-quality productions under their belt is better than a company with many poor-quality productions.

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3.   Storytelling

The script carries the message. High-Quality video production is useless if the message does not strike a chord with the target audience. The ability to come up with a good script is, therefore, as important as the production process.

Look at the stories in each company‘s productions and determine whether they fit the brands they represent. If you find it difficult to determine the relevance of the story to the brand, just look at how well the productions were received.

Good scripts illicit a lot of emotion. If a company‘s productions are received by an overwhelming number of customer responses, the storytelling is on point.

Companies that have dealt with brands similar to yours are also a great option. Such companies have experience understanding and delivering what your targeted audience hopes for.

Check out these great examples of storytelling in video.

4.   Communication

Having clear-cut communication with the company at any level is another important point to consider. The only way to measure their communication skills is through scheduling a meeting to discuss the video.

If the company is not easy to reach, forget about it. They are most likely to be difficult to work with as well. A company that values customer input will be very easy to reach.

As you speak with the company‘s representative, you will be able to determine the degree of professionalism. A good animation company will customize the service, and they will be genuinely curious about your brand and what it stands for.

Find out how often you will get updates on the progress of production. It is imperative that the company establishes more than one way to communicate with you.

5.   Industry Specialty

Explainer videos come in different forms:

  • Motion graphics
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Cut-out animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation

You can also get a blend of one or more of the above. If you want a specific form of animation, be sure to look for companies that specialize in the type you are looking for. That being said, there are companies, with expertise in multiple categories.

Most people assume that any animation company produces explainer videos. Although the animation process may be similar, to produce explainer videos it is required a different set of skills.

It will surprise you to know that even the most professional animator will need a lot of practice to plan and produce an explainer video that converts.  When looking for an animated explainer video production company, give preference to companies that specialize in explainer videos.

6.   Uniqueness

A good production company must exhibit variety and freshness of ideas in their portfolio. Some companies and private animators alike, produce explainer videos using templates. The videos usually exhibit good video and audio quality, however, your explainer video will resemble hundreds of others.

When choosing an explainer video production company, go for one that creates all video elements from scratch. If you want to convert you must impress your audience, and to impress them you must be unique.

After sorting out the potential companies that meet these criteria, list them down. Note each company’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the one that appeals best to your brand and message.

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