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What is direct response marketing

In any marketing campaign, the primary goal is to get prospects to take action. And since most target customers won’t take action on their own, it makes sense to guide them on the next steps or actions to take. This is where direct response marketing comes in handy.

So, what is direct response marketing?

Simply, it is a form of marketing technique that evokes an on-the-spot response from prospects. This approach encourages customers to take immediate action. The action can be anything from purchasing to asking the customer to agree to a sales call.

Call To Actions (CTAs)

To successfully leverage direct response marketing, you must use CTAs very well. You can use CTAs like free gifts, free online seminars or smaller purchases that will trigger customers to take action.

Once you win the heart of your customers and are in the habit of saying yes to your offers, you can then start selling them your top-tier products.

Four types of direct response marketing campaigns

To help you better understand direct response marketing, below are we take you through places this form of marketing is best used to trigger customers to take action.

1. Emails/sales letters


Through emails and sales letters, you can get customers to take the desired action. For example, you can compel them to visit a link, make a phone call or send an email. Well-tailored sales letters and emails will definitely do the heavy lifting for you. So, make sure you take your time when preparing them. You can even hire an expert if you find it challenging to write them well.

2. Sales calls

sales call

We said you could use direct response marketing to ask your prospects to agree to a sales call.

A sales call not only allows you to speak directly to your customers but also to build rapport. Additionally, you can use them to get customers to take some actions, for example, sign up for a webinar.

Warm calling is the preferred approach in sales calls than cold calling as it increases the chance of receiving a warm welcome and building rapport. Try to reach out first via social media or email to make your calls warm. 

3. Opt-in pages

landing page

While opt-in pages don’t involve any direct sales, they allow you to give something for free in exchange for something valuable. For example, you can get phone numbers which you can use later in warm calling.

To get money via opt-in pages, consider adding a tripwire after the opt-in page. A tripwire is a small sale that keeps the sales cycle going. An excellent tripwire lures customers to make a purchase.

4. Video sales letters

video marketing - get your message across

Video sales letters are used widely by marketers to make customers feel they need to purchase a product, get free gifts or sign up for a newsletter. They use visuals and stories to draw the attention of prospects by building hype and creating scarcity. It is this hype and scarcity that trigger them to take action at the end of the video.

What is the ultimate goal?

As mentioned above, the primary goal of direct response marketing is to invoke an immediate response. You can start with small tasks such as smaller purchases and sign-ups that will make your customers say yes. Once you lure them, you can then begin to up your game to more significant purchases.

The beauty of the small tasks is that they help gather customer information. For example, you can collect contact information through opt-in pages. Whichever approach you use to collect information, make sure you get in touch. That way, it will be easier to build rapport and encourage the purchasing of your top-tier products and services.

What you need for a successful direct response marketing campaign

digital marketing


The ability to track

Any successful direct response marketing campaign is easy to track. Make sure you are certain of what is working for you and what is not for the best experience.


Have a specific group in mind; otherwise, your campaigns will not pay off. With a targeted group in mind, it becomes easier to increase your sales.

Compelling copies 

Compelling copies will go a long way into making your direct response marketing campaigns pay off. You can prepare those pieces yourself or hire a copywriter. Fortunately, it is easier to hire content writers today.

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