Best Software to Create Your Whiteboard Animation

In today’s world, video/rich media are very good ways to reach out to and engage your audience with awesome visuals content. So, if your need is to unveil a product, sell an idea, or explain how to use a product to an audience, whiteboard animation videos are perfect for you.

With the rise of varieties of whiteboard animation software, choosing the right software for whiteboard animation has become a quite challenging and confusing task, especially for entry-level video creators.

What whiteboard video animation software should you choose?

We’ve enlisted below 5 of the best software for whiteboard animation according to the value they offer for the time and resources put into using them. keep in mind that the software on this list vary according to features and you should choose that which most suitably suits your needs.


This is a high-end software from Sparkol and it can be used by both Mac and Windows desktop users as well as on mobile by Android, iPhone, IPad, Kindle user.

This software is very comprehensive and easy to use even by non-techies and very suitable for doodles, video animations etc.

It has a cloud storage system, hence it can be used on multiple devices from any continent of the world. The software comes with a 7-day free trial after which you get an option to subscribe to a monthly/yearly plan.


  • Image library with access to free and premium images.
  • Easily import customs fonts and music.
  • Easily record/import a voiceover.
  • High Definition (HD) video creation compatibility.
  • Adjusts video resolution and sizes.
  • Multiple video format creation (AVI, WMV, MOV).
  • Available for commercial use.


Vyond was previously known as GoAnimate features an awesome background props collection as well as more character features which help to create very appealing whiteboard animations.

It also comes with a theme section where you can customize and select themes based on broad occupational categories and industries such as health, finance etc. This software is easy to use, and you can get a character to perform a lip-sync just by giving voice to it.

This tool is very suitable for creating cartoon stories, anime videos, and animated infographics, based on these awesome specs it has earned a spot on our list of best software for whiteboard animation and is worth a trial.


  • Supports multiple languages,
  • High Definition (HD) video creation capability, with MP4 video download option.
  • Automatic lip-sync ability.
  • Special Infographics automation options.
  • Single-click publishing.
  • Can import images from outside the in-built asset collection.


The animation in a comprehensive and powerful whiteboard animation which allows the creation of stunning videos and animation with a basic drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

This product is suitable for use by businesses and individuals and also has a lite version which was specially designed for people with prior video creation experience.


  • Access to a library of 500k+ royalty-free photos, video clips, and audio files.
  • over 200+ pre-animated drag-and-drop sets.
  • Whiteboard animation style.

Easy Sketch Pro

The Easy Sketch Pro comes with amazing features that make creating a professional animation video seamless. It comes with a user-friendly drag and drop interface which is very comprehensive and easy to use.

A unique feature of this product is its ability to add website links to a landing page of social media profile to the video and this feature has been used by many for marketing purposes such lead generation.

It’s also very customizable and gives you access to varieties of royalty-free media files such as images and audio files.


  • High Definition (HD) Video creation ability.
  • Import audio from external storage or select from built-in audio files.
  • Built-in text editor with easy manipulation and styling (suitable for text-based videos).
  • Playtime control options and trimming effects.


Animaker is an online whiteboard animation video maker, suitable for idea communication, presentations, and product animated explainer videos, it’s remarkable for having some of the best features such as a stunning design and flexible customization.

This product is ideal for those going the DIY route as it has a very friendly user interface and its dashboard and settings are easy to understand even for those without video creation experience.


  • Ability to edit any video at any time even after the design process is completed.
  • Voice recording capability.
  • Modern machine voices options.
  • Inbuilt text editor with styling options.
  • High contrast color scheme options.
  • Variety of themes according to occupations/industries.
  • Enable/Disable digital hands when editing.

Top Explainers – Whiteboard Animation Video Services

If you rather hire whiteboard animation video production company like us (Top Explainers) to handle your video creation so you can spend more time focusing on your business, we can help you with that :).

How much does a whiteboard animation video really cost?

Creating a video does take time and effort. How much time will it take you to come up with creative, informative whiteboard video? DIY is always fun, but also always demanding.

There’s no need to learn how to use software, write your video script, figuring out how to create a story or find image clips and so on. We can:

  • Persuasive Scriptwriting
  • Emotional Voiceover
  • Background Music
  • Unlimited Animation Changes
  • FullHD 1080p File
  • 100% Ownership

There you have it, a comprehensive list of the best software for whiteboard animation based on their features and special capabilities, look out for the product that best suits your budget and needs and choose appropriately the product that best suits you. If you have any questions regarding our services, hit that contact us button today!

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