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types of product videos to help grow your business

Since the introduction of e-commerce, there have been quite a number of online stores that sell all sorts of products and offer varied services. This has brought about stiff competition and so people have decided to use different methods to advertise their products and services in an attempt to remain relevant in the market and part of b2b customer acquisition strategy, or b2c, ecommerce, etc. This includes the use of product videos.

Definition of a product video

A product video is a video that is designed to give information about a certain service or product showcasing its benefits and all other relevant information in a promotional vibe so as to lure in potential customers. The video gives an in-depth description of the product‘s features, its key advantages, and how it meets the needs of the client.

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These videos have seen so many online businesses grow their brands and catapult to much higher levels. So far the Internet is filled with numerous product videos, and there are many more being put up daily with an attempt to target different demographics and get clients.

So what are the types of product videos that you will find out there?

Use of videos has increased with the improvement of technology, due to the ability to create high definition visuals accompanied by clear audio.

Businesses have embraced the use of videos in various departments such as marketing, and the same has spilled over to product launches. A good product video is supposed to be catchy, with clear audio and attractive but not overdone graphics.

Popularity in the use of videos for marketing and educating users about a product has increased dramatically since organizations have realized that potential clients are more likely to remember a product they watched a video about.

Examples of Product videos

There are several different types of product videos, which are used in different stages of marketing a product. All these videos aim to educate the buyer more about the product and how it is said.

Difference between Product vs. Branded videos

Product videos are always centered around the product itself, describing how it’s used and the impact it has on the user. Branded videos, however, aim to create awareness to the clients of the organization’s image.

Product videos involve a lot of animation, to make them interesting enough to the customer, and also to relate easily to a certain product and the target audience.

Branded videos, however, are less animated, and aim at focusing more on describing the company and present testimonials.

Product videos are more focused on how the product helps solve the client’s problems and needs.

Brand videos are product videos that allow business owners to talk about their businesses. You get to give an account of the business in a very convincing tone so that you may lure in a number of customers. If you are creative enough, you will be able to sell your brand without any problems.

Which type is the best choice for your shop?

User generated videos are helpful at the beginning of their purchasing journey. They are also useful to you as an online retailer, as they encourage the consumer to find the product in your store. But since they can be unprofessional and use harsh words, digressions, or negative product views, they shouldn’t be part of your website.

Brand videos are the second stage of consumer travel, and your shop is where the customer can find them. That’s because product demonstrations and feature videos are great for e-commerce. You can be sure that such product videos will significantly influence your customer buying decision. As a result, they’ll affect the sales positively.

team video

Below are 10 examples of product videos you can use to help grow your business.

1. Explainer and explainer animated videos.

They mostly target certain questions that are often asked by consumers and come up with a very detailed and useful explanation. It’s a more informative approach and doesn’t have that sales vibe, who doesn’t like someone that helps other? Why do you need an explainer video? The explainer videos also showcase the level of expertise the company has. Through the video, the client will be able to witness firsthand what the business can do and if it’s compelling enough, they will be convinced and reach out. You can also check out what is a sales video to understand the difference.

These videos are very important mostly for those businesses that offer services that have a lot of features who wants to simplify and provide a quick elevator pitch of the potential using storytelling. Some SaaS companies might want to create an explainer video instead of screenshots to help them understand the concept, compared to providing a demo reel first approach.

The product animation video will come up with a character who will provide and explain numerous vital information related to the business. These videos are often the best, and people tend to understand them better. With a creative, short and elaborate animation explainer video, you can be able to explain and show so much without necessarily doing it yourself. You can check out explainer video examples we’ve created on our YouTube Channel.

2. Company culture videos.

At times it is very important to allow people to have insight into your business. This is exactly what the culture videos do. They humanize your product by showing off the people behind the product. You can give them a tour of the company or just have some of the employees speak about the company. It has been noted that a company culture video can be very effective if done right. You may end up having a number of voluntary brand ambassadors who will spread the word about the product to friends and family all because of the video.

3. Tutorials & demonstration videos.

These are also called “How to Videos”, and they are used to describe how a certain product works. These videos have flooded the internet, and so many people take an interest in watching most if not all of them. Demonstration videos are designed to give an illustration of how a certain product works.  Here’s an example of Oxford Medical Instrument demonstrating PEMF Devices. Whether your product involves a somewhat technical learning curve, take a step in showing people how to use the products. They also include product features and other relevant information that is very important to the client.

4. Event videos.

As much as most people tend to ignore events, especially if they are not well acquainted with the company. Posting some of the event videos might change their minds and uplift the company brand. These videos tend to give a detailed account of how successful an event was and the fun that was experienced. If it is convincing enough, then you will notice some changes in some of the upcoming events.

5. Giveaways

These videos act more as a call to action video. They are used to persuade the client to engage themselves in various ways such as “Login”, “sign up” or subscribe to a channel for a chance to win a product.

6. Comparison videos

Comparison videos are a type of product videos which aims to compel the potential client to choose a certain product by comparing it to another competitor product. The maker of the video should ensure to point out clearly the advantages their product has over the other product.

7. Testimonial videos

These are videos of customers who have already purchased and used the product giving it a positive video review. Testimonial videos are important in product marketing, it tends to make people trust your product or services. You can spend so much money on marketing a video using the tutorial and demo videos, but what takes center stage in convincing a client to purchase is the testimonial videos. Have current customers raved about your product or services? Have them share their experience since they tend to tell a more convincing pitch. Here’s an example of a testimonial page for short sale specialists in NY from Realty Warehouse.

8. Screen capture & presentation slide videos.

These are mostly seen in websites, e-commerce stores, and other various startups like IP Block List software Fraudlogix. They give a step by step procedure on how to do a particular thing that is linked to a particular product or service. This can be how to fill out a fertility review, how to use your product, or explain your features as benefits, as you explain. With this, the customer gets acquainted with the product or service and might opt for it on first sight.

9. Educational, Webinars videos.

An organization which aims to educate the demographics of its potential clients always leaps the benefits. These videos not only add value and make awareness of the product, but they show social responsibility, social proof of others joining the webinar and showing the same interest. These videos tend to give an in-depth about the product or service. They also make your blog or your YouTube channel interesting. Showcasing in depth on how they can use your product or service in real life scenarios or questions being answered by people attending a webinar might answer some of your potential customers. An example of a educational type video is infographic video and pr video.

10. FAQ videos

Most of the time the client will not have sufficient information on the product. To help with retention rates, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) videos are a compilation of questions that previous buyers and users of the product have asked. The answers are answered based on those specific questions, and the highest possibility is the FAQ videos will likely answer any more questions lingering in the potential customer‘s mind. Make sure these videos are created for individual and specific answers. FAQ can also be used for landing pages like this invention idea help specialists like Inventor Smart.

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So far those are the numerous types of product videos that you will find out there. Choosing the type of product video depends on a number of marketing strategies, such as the target audience, the purpose of the video and available resources. For a successful product video implementation, you should have a strategic plan, a sufficient budget and a team of experienced video creators. Or you can hire an explainer video production company like Top Explainer to do all the leg work for you if you’re looking for an explainer animated video.

With the future of marketing being Internet videos, you should put in place measures on how to implement the use of product videos on all levels of product development and unveiling to help you grow your business

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