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For every individual in business, irregardless of whether large scale or small scale, small to mid sized, ecommerce, soloentrepreneurs, freelancers, marketing plays a crucial role in the growth or failure of the business.
Large scale firms are advantaged for having a large capital base and is able to make great marketing deals. You might not have the resources, but you do have similar or related tools to help you thrive in the midst of the challenge.
Shared below are some of the tactics that every developing business owner should embrace to ensure maximum success of their business.
How to Do Marketing for Small Business in 2019 5

1. Social Media Marketing.

In the recent past, social media has become the widest means of communication all around the globe. Almost everyone in the current generation is on social media. Although there are quite a number of platforms that have been developed, Facebook is an unparalleled platform that every business person should crave to advertise on.
You can create a business page on Facebook and give the description of the goods or services which they deal with. To ensure wide coverage, you can go ahead and invite other Facebook users to like and follow your page. With that, their followers will be able to see every post they make and making the business popular and creating room for more expansion.
Besides, you can use other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn to develop their business and ensure wide online coverage which would finally lead to growth and expansion of the business.

2. Creating Explainer Animated or Whiteboard video

Since the audience needs to know more about your business, it’s always a wise decision to give them an audiovisual explanation in a simple, engaging and compelling manner as that would be more convincing and captivating. Such videos are known as explainer videos.

For one reason or the other, an individual may consider video clips unsuitable and the need to have an alternative means of presenting audiovisual content. In that case, you may opt to embrace creating whiteboard videos.

There are both cases and demands for explainer animated video and whiteboard video where some customers understand based on their thinking process. In this case, you choose a whiteboard video that displays a marker pen to give the narration of their content with a series of draw pictures. You can upload your animated explainer or whiteboard video on YouTube to allow your potential customers to get access to their products.
With few whiteboard video creator out there you are able to create such animated presentations, and with a proper title, description, tags you can increase your organic traffic from your video. Whiteboards videos have become a common means of advertisement.
How to Do Marketing for Small Business in 2019 6

3. Linking up with Similar Businesses.

Success in business is always influenced by the surrounding businesses which deal with similar or related products. They can either affect each other positively or negatively. To ensure a common growth, it is always important for the businesses to come together and develop policies, affiliates that will help them reach their target. In the end, this will gain them influence and possibly control the market.
It can also help to price the products or create a different package that benefits the customer. Instead of buying two different products for $50 each, you can offer a deal for $70 for two. This would help increase traffic but also revenue growth.

4. Creating and Giving Coupons to your Clients.

One of the competition tools in the market is offering your services at relatively low prices. This can be done occasionally by giving discounts to your customers. Besides, you can give out free gifts and free samples to the customers and hence increase the chances of having the customers back.

5. Establishing a Good Customer-Relationship.

The way you handle your first-time customers determine to a great extent whether you’ll have them back for a second time. Being courteous and diligent in serving your customers will go a long way in ensuring that you have long-time customers.
Also, relationship marketing. Having a good personal relationship with your customers will definitely win you the privilege of having them all the time. It is always easy and less costly to keep a customer than to get a new one.
Take a look at Hubneo, a Virtual Reality Lab/ Archade in NYC:
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Building relationship eventually leads to reviews, the more reviews, the more potential customers will be wanting to know what the fuss is about.
Therefore, you should use every opportunity they have to keep their present customers, which can be achieved by keeping in touch with them either over the mobile phone, email communication or generally over the social media.
How to Do Marketing for Small Business in 2019 7

6. Request for Referrals.

In 2017, referral marketing received a 63 percent rating in terms of “very high” and “somewhat high” quantity of leads. Most people are always willing to give support  where it is due. For that reason, you should always be confident to ask for referrals from their friends, family members or the clients they interact with to tell their friends more about their business.
This is done in a bid to popularize the business and in the end have a large number of customers, using word of mouth, refer a friend campaigns, influencer and affiliate marketing.  Embrace each opportunity you have with people to create popularity for your business and acquire new customers.

7. Participate Actively in Local Events.

Online marketing is not the only marketing. Getting involved in local events widens your access to new people, building new relationships and having a good rapport with the people around you. For instance, you can sponsor a local football match with pizza. As a result, you’ll create positive popularity in the community and have a greater influence in the market.

8. Creating Business Cards.

If you’re already talking to people, why not hand out business cards? Normal business cards still works, redemptions or being more creative does help.  Whether you’re targeting local communities, conference or even the customers who goes into your store. Business cards are cheap to create but they have a great positive impact to your business.

9. Be Active in Online Contests.

Online contests are crucial in promoting your website or social media pages. In most of these contests, badges are awarded to the winner, which can be attached to your website or have your social media pages linked to a wider range of audience.

10. Offer Free Consultation Services.

By allowing customers to consult you without incurring any fee, you build a wider range of prospective customers. During the interactions, you’ll be able to know what to improve in your business and cover most of the customer desires in the end.
How to Do Marketing for Small Business in 2019 8

In Conclusion

You should not be limited by the small capital base in marketing their products. Instead, use every means necessary and readily available tactics discussed above to realize your goals.
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