How Can You Reach More of Your Audience at the Lower Possible Price?8 min read

If likes And Views No Longer Matter, Then What Does?

It’s only one essential tip but it can be a pivot point of your online marketing strategy leading you from zero to hero.


I’m going to share some gold with you that every professional marketer has known for a long time, but may not be that obvious for regular business owners like you. Yes, this is specific knowledge you won’t find everywhere. However, any professional marketer usually learns this after their first 10 failures 🙂 I bet you’ve also had many failures, so you’re now more than ready to become a professional marketer.

After I ask you a simple question, you’ll be able to understand what I’m going to share right away because it’s so obvious. And that question is: “Why do people use the internet?”. I mean, not for work or professional use, but in general.

How Can You Reach More of Your Audience at the Lower Possible Price? 4

Why do people go online?

If you think about it, you’ll come up with a few obvious reasons:

  • Communication – they want to be a part of a community, they want to hear what’s going on with others, and share what’s going on in their lives.
  • Curiosity – we’re all curious as hell. We want to know the latest news, we want to know how celebs are doing, we want to know political games, etc. I bet you spend at least 30 minutes every day reading and watching the news (that you’ll later discuss with your community, so see the previous bullet point).
  • Entertainment – huge, of course. A massive part of the internet is dedicated to entertainment. Cats, fails, blogs, reviews, recipes, unboxing, challenges, movies, music, and the list goes on. People spend lots of time on this. We all have to relax sometime, so how great is it to lay out on the couch with your phone and scroll through all those funny animals, inspiring quotes, etc. It gives your brain a chance to rest. For a while, you don’t have to think, analyze, or make any decisions.
  • Learning – oh, yeah. When I look around, or when I’m trying to hire a person, it looks like people don’t bother with learning anymore. Otherwise, we would have far more geniuses around rather than idiots, but we have what we have. However, there’s still a handful of people who care about their minds, their skills, and their personal growth. And as one of them, you’re reading this article because you want to learn something new. Anyway, learning and “how-to” is a great part of the internet.
  • Adult entertainment – I know, you don’t visit those websites. Neither do I or anyone, actually. However, this industry is still one of the most profitable on the internet, so we can assume that someone is visiting them. And quite often.

All right, these are the main reasons why people use the internet. Of course, there are many more, and this list could be longer, but these are the main reasons. So, here’s the question — what do all those reasons have in common? HINT: there’s actually one major reason included in all of them and in those we didn’t mention.

Yes, you’re smart if you already guessed it — content consumption.

We all go online to consume content.

Whether it’s funny cat video, or “How to get rid of a wine stain” blog post, this is content and we’re consuming it every second of every day since the first website was created. And we’ll do it forever. Literally. Have you ever heard: “Content is a God”? That’s why. We soak it up like a sponge and we want more and more. We’ll never get enough because there’s no end to our curiosity. All the news, update notifications, emails — we’re happy getting them because we can add more fuel to our ever-burning information furnace.

So there’s no doubt that the internet is all about content. The question is, how can you benefit from it and how can you apply this knowledge to your business growth? That’s what this article discusses and that’s where it becomes useful and applicable to your biz. The introduction was too long but I just wanted you to understand the importance of content.

How Can You Reach More of Your Audience at the Lower Possible Price? 5

Whether it’s funny cat video, or “How to get rid of a wine stain” blog post, this is content and we’re consuming it every second of every day since the first website was created.

So what’s the main take out?

Your audience may not want your product, they may not want to know you, or learn about your product. But, they’d consume content if you could fulfill one of their needs — entertainment, education, curiosity — topics that people check out several times a day. If the content is good, the audience would be happy to consume it no matter what you’re selling, what your offer is, and who you are. If they find it useful, if they can benefit from it, and if they can apply it and improve their lives, they’ll go for it.

How cool is that? They’d ignore you if you offer them your product, but they’d follow up, like, and subscribe if you share a real value. And here’s a bonus that makes this approach a real bomb — they’d share your content or tag someone who’d also benefit. One shot — one kill? Not anymore. One shot — multiple kills is what you will get. That’s why I call this “bomb”. That’s the real magic of sharing good content.

But there’s a ton of content already

Sounds good? For sure. But, it’s not that easy, I’m sorry. And you probably already understand why. I can hear you say: “But there’s a ton of content already. It’s overloaded with all kind of content”. And you’re right. That’s the real challenge here — creating content that’s entertaining or educational, that’s consumable and shareable is a tough task these days. Not every professional can do it, let’s be honest, not to mention an average business owner. There’s a lot you need to know and a lot you need to do, that’s true. And this task is very time consuming, of course.

But here’s the good news — it always pays off. It’s always worth creating and sharing it because its effect is much better than paid ads, influencers, etc. Whatever it costs to create a great piece of content (in terms of time and labor), you’ll benefit from this for sure. I bet you’ve seen many simple videos on Facebook that have 10+ million views. How much would it cost you to reach 10 million people with paid ads? Tens of thousands bucks! How much would it cost you to create a great piece of content? A few hundred.

Of course, not all those 10 million people are your target audience. But what if just a 0.5% of them are? That’s 5,000 people/leads/clients. How cool is that? And you know what? You don’t really need those millions. I mean, that’s cool and should be the goal, but you don’t really need them to achieve success. Even a few thousand clicks and shares would do the job. Like 100 paid clients out of one video, or article, or infographic — that’s already a great result.

How Can You Reach More of Your Audience at the Lower Possible Price? 6

That’s the real challenge here — creating content that’s entertaining or educational, that’s consumable and shareable is a tough task these days.

It may happen overnight. And it will! 

One more thing that’s cool is that it may happen overnight. Someone just shared your content and it’s like “Boom!” — tons of clicks, likes, and traffic are coming the next day and you can’t even handle them. Trust me, I know how it feels and how incredible that is. When you open your Google analytics and you normally have like 5-10 users online in real-time, but now you see 500, then 600, then 700, and they’re coming and coming from different sources. That’s magic. And then you realize it was worth all the work you put into developing that piece of content.

As I said, this isn’t an easy task, of course. But don’t hesitate to hire a freelancer or an agency who can help you with that. If you’ve never created good content, they’ll save you a lot of time and energy. Even if you think they’re expensive, it will be much cheaper for you then spending a couple of weeks and getting zero results. For example, you can reach out to if you need an animated explainer video. We create great animations at a very affordable price that can go viral.

I’ll write a separate article dedicated to this topic: “How to create a consumable content worth sharing”, but the goal of this article is to convey the importance of content. This is something your audience would consume for sure. If you have a monthly marketing budget, I’d recommend that you test it and spend 70% of it on creating content and 30% on promoting it. If you do it the right way, I guarantee that you’ll be amazed at the results. And if you want to know how to do it correctly — stay tuned for the next article. Also, there are many other great articles on the website worth your attention, so feel free to check them out. For example, YouTube Strategies for B2B Companies is a big one and will make you rethink your video marketing approach.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any comments, concerns, or questions. I really want to help you.

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