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In a fast-paced world, people prefer looking at a computer screen or their smartphones rather than the old fashioned newspapers and magazines.

Therefore, the marketing has become greatly digitized and the marketers are aware of the fact that the new campaigns have to fit the needs of modern customers. Television, the internet and social media in particular became a crucial platforms for advertising. As a result of this movement,  video streaming became a popular tool to market products to the masses, video is future of marketing.

We’ve written a lot about product animated video, and how animated video can help your business. However, this article focuses on the general idea of what product video is and how it can help you grow your business.
Firstly, to understand how to market a product though video, it is essential to understand what is it a product marketing.
A product marketing focuses on the advertising, promotion and sale of certain products to the customers.

Through the use of product marketing, the brands are able to build awareness and create a relationship between the product and a customer. An excellent way to advertise a product is with a use of a product video. There are different types of product video we’ve written previously, if you want to know more.

Using a product videos can not only maximize the amount of people reached by the marketing campaign, but also have the best possible desired effect on the viewers. Here are some tips on how to make your video marketing successful.

It is important to understand what exactly is the product video.

product video to help explain the intangible products turn to tangible
A product video is a video, which shows not only the product but also what kind of tangible benefits are available, if a customer purchases the good. A product will always feel intangible unless you can provide some sort of explanation of how it will benefit them and create that tangible effect.
With this example, the product is shown including its best and the most unique features. The goal of the video is to introduce the product, but also appear to the customer.
Each brand tries to create a differentiation from similar brands on the market and this can be done very effectively through a virtual or interactive video. A desired outcome of the video is to persuade a customer to purchase the product by explaining why purchasing this product is a better choice than other available products.

Using a video is an audio – visual form of marketing

audio file
In comparison to infographics or podcasts, video marketing helps to bring the whole brand as well as the product itself to life. Rather than a simple picture, a video can enable to tell a story about the product and the brand itself. By telling a story and appealing to the feelings and emotions of people, it is easier to connect to the audience and create a strong, long-lasting customer relationship with the brand. The creation of these relationships is extremely essential and by doing so, the business is able to not only attract new customers but also keep the old ones.
However, simply making a video about a product is not enough. The product video needs to be compelling in a way, which will somehow have an effect on the customer.
There are several steps for creating an effective product video as well as certain features that a successful product video should include. By ensuring that these features are present, it is possible to bring the best possible outcome and have a positive effect on the customers and their purchasing decisions.
desk, paper, pencil for tips
Here are the key tips on creating the product video as well as what it should include!

1, Determine the goal

Just like with any other project, also creating a product video must have clearly defined goals and outcomes.
What is the goal of the product video?
It it to create a greater brand awareness?
Is it to sell more products and generate greater sales overall?
Is the goal to promote a specific feature of the product?
By defining these goals, it is easier to determine what kind of product video to create.
For example, to create a better brand awareness, a short ad can do wonders. However, if a business wants to focus on generating more sales, it should create a product video, which will explain the benefits and differentiation of the products from similar products available.

2, Identify the target audience

Next, it is important to understand the target audience of the video. It is essential to know who to address in the video and different video content is appropriate for different audiences, such as age groups, genders, ethnicities. That is why the marketing team should cooperate with the sales department to determine the target to the video and appeal to the right people.

3, Key features

The key features are for example using the right tone to be aligned with the brand, explain the benefits of the products rather than just stating what features it has. The words used in the video should be connected to the idea and reinforce the goal overall. Lastly, to engage a customer, many successful videos include a call to action, such as a message to contact the buyer, to check the website, download an app, subscribe or essentially buy the product.

4, Diffuse the video

Lastly, to make the video as effective as possible, its crucial to use the right type of platform. This step is connected to reaching the target audience, whether its is through the company website, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or nurturing emails. Using the right platform ensures that the right people watch the video and act on the compelling message.
As shown above, a product video can reach masses and help achieve the goals set by marketing. The videos can reach desired number of people, desired audience, appeal to the feelings and emotions, create strong customer relationships to the brand and bring many other benefits.
There are countless companies that included the product videos into their marketing campaigns, which then turned out to be a great success.

Video marketing examples

Here are 4 exceptional brands, which managed to create successful product videos in order to appeal to the customers and create a lasting effect.

1. Josie Maran Cosmetics

The brand Josie Maran Cosmetics had an extremely successful product video for Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment. Josie Maran managed to combine the product with telling a story. In the video, a young mother explains the beauty of motherhood and providing the best quality care for her baby. This personal story is aligned with the values of the brand itself, such as youth, beauty, health and exceptional care. The product is introduced though storytelling, which does not only explain its best features, but also how it works, how it is used and how this product connects to the values of the brand.

2. InVision

InVision is a business, which operates essentially as a platform for graphic designers and their collaborations. InVision created a video, with a goal of bringing awareness to the brand as well as show why graphic design is important in the business world nowadays. This video was done as a short documentary, which explains the role of design though interviewing 15 different businesses on how much importance they place on graphic design in their company. By doing so, InVision did not only manage to build awareness about their business, but also create awareness about the design itself, which has a positive effect on the whole design industry.

3. Saddleback Leather

A company Saddleback Leather makes all kinds of leather goods, mainly bags and accessories. The brand took a different approach when creating a product video. A video shows the product, a purse, in detail as well as how easy it is to use and how durable the purse it. This product video is essentially an overview of how the purse is used, what features it has, with a specific focus on the design and quality of the product. By doing such a video, the customers can take a closer look at the product, which can help them in making a purchasing decision.

4. Blendtec

The best for last. The company Blendtec took a completely unique approach and created a series campaign called “Will it blend?” to promote their new type of blender. The goal is to show that this blender is able to blend literally anything. The “Will it blend?” series shows the blender being able to blend cans, iPhone, glow sticks, golf balls and many more items.
This campaign became a hit on Youtube and Facebook and got over 200 million views overall. Blendtec was able to get people talking about their brand, their products and the campaign, which is the essential goal of marketing. This is an example of a product video marketing done extremely well.
Others like crazycoffeecrave,, are great examples of sites using video for all types of products

In conclusion

Overall, it is clear that the product video can be an extremely effective marketing tool. By creating the right kind of video, which will include all essential features and reach the right audience, the businesses are able to move their marketing on a whole new level.
The digital marketing is growing on the daily and audiovisual tools will continue to be used more and more.
Creating a product video with a compelling message is essential in reaching all marketing goals. A product video, especially combined with an interactive campaign, that gets the customers to think, talk and act on the campaign is a road to successful marketing.
Contact Top Explainers today your explainer video experts on how they can help your marketing campaign today.

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