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animated video that help your business close more deals easily

If you’re looking for ways to market your business online, then chances are you’ve already considered all of the more popular and common options: SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media optimization.

But if you really want to stand out and make a splash, then you need to take a look at the animated video. Video marketing for business can be game changing, and using animated videos is a great way to leverage this medium. Read on and we’ll look at why that is and how you can use animated video to increase your visibility and your reach.

What is Animated Video?

In the context of using video in marketing, animated video largely consists of short, animated explainers, adverts and other videos that can be used in a broader marketing campaign.

For instance, you may well have seen an animated explainer when loading up the homepage of a local service business. These will normally autoplay as soon as the page loads, meaning that you’ll be greeted by a video explaining precisely what the service does and why you should sign up.

Otherwise, you might have seen similar videos with more of an advertising angle play before whatever you’re watching on YouTube. They can also be used as Facebook ads, or they can be used as a form of content marketing: by providing useful information on a dedicated YouTube channel that then upsells later on.

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The Importance of Video in Marketing

So, what is so important about video marketing for business? Why is this something that you absolutely cannot afford to ignore?

The first thing that makes using video in marketing such a great strategy, is the fact that it is so engaging. When a video autoplays on your channel, it grabs the attention of the viewer and keeps them glued to the screen. Do you remember at school when the teacher would relent and just put on a video? Suddenly the entire class would go quiet!

Or perhaps you’ve been in a pub with friends before and found yourself unable to focus on what they’re saying because of the TV that’s on in the background?

These are both examples of just how compelling the human brain finds moving images, sounds, and colors. They are dynamic and when they’re designed well, it can be almost impossible to look away! And it helps that video consumption is passive rather than active. Reading an article or blog post requires active participation on the part of the viewer, but watching a video requires no effort on their part!

Remember: you only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of someone visiting your website for the first time. We are all perpetually in a hurry and attention spans are getting increasingly shorter. What do you think will help you grab that attention fastest? A well-written essay, or a loud voice saying ‘Hey you, listen to this!’ over a colorful, animated video?

Using video to market your business also makes a lot of sense because it lets you convey a much denser amount of information in a much shorter amount of time. That not only means that you can make something much easier to understand (like a complex business proposition) but it also means that you can evoke an emotional response. You can make people feel something. You can also create different types of product videos to grow your business.

How Can Animated Video Help Your Business? 4

Finally, using video marketing for business is a way to demonstrate your competence. The fact of the matter is that any schmuck can create a blog and fill it with posts. But creating a high-quality animated video, on the other hand, requires skill, it requires a budget, and it requires creativity.

In other words, a high-quality video with impressive production values is impressive. And the assumption of the viewer will, therefore, be that your business is generally capable of delivering a high-quality product or service. Video raises the bar instantly.

Why Animated?

So that’s why more and more companies are using video in marketing. The benefit of animated video specifically meanwhile is that it is a) highly flexible and b) easier to the product.

Animated video is flexible in that it allows you to demonstrate topics that might otherwise require props and b-roll. A cartoon truck costs the same to animate as a cartoon teacher. But if you wanted to explain your logistics business to a noob using actual footage, that would likely involve heading out onto the road with an expensive camera and a willing actor/presenter.

This means that you can explain anything you need to, convey emotion, and demonstrate those high production values – all for a set price and with no surprises.

Added Benefits

Less Time Taken- The simple nature of whiteboard animation and low production costs when compared to real videos not only saves you money but time as well.

Can Be Shared Easily- Not only is the whiteboard animation versatile and interactive, it compresses and condenses your message with clarity, making it more interesting and engaging to view. In a digital modern age this makes it more likely to be shared by your audience across various different different communication platforms.

Compelling- From a psychological perspective the human mind tends to retail visual data more accurate than text form thus getting your message across more effectively through a clearer and easier to understand medium. 

Conveys Both Facts And Figures- Explaining statistics and facts through the use charts, graphs and figures that move there is a higher chance that the particular data will impact your audience. 

Easy Articulation- With simultaneous narrations and drawings then your audience is able to grasp more of what is conveyed in a shorter timeframe. You will likely gain a clients’s favor when you video animate your product and services with a clear vision. 

Appeals To Both Sides Of The Brain- A combination of narration, images, sound effects has the unique advantage of being able to grab multiple types of attention. Catering to both left and right brained people. This allows you to hold the attention of a greater number of people for a longer period of time. 

Can Include Real Images- With whiteboard videos you are not restricted to using only animation. You have the ability to use real and photographic images to display products efficiently and thus bring additional weight to your video. 

More Conversions- A higher conversion rate is witnessed by business who use whiteboard animated videos through their clear message, fun and interesting style. This only increases the likelihood of turning your audience into paying customers. 

They Are Trending-Whiteboard animated visuals have become everyones favorite. Their ability to successfully communicate a message through visually stimulated pictures and hand drawn images by an artist have made them a major player in marketing and advertising. 

Compatible With New Age Devices- Studies reveal that whiteboard animated videos are compatible with all new age machines and devices such as Ipads and smart phones. Meaning customers  can access your website by use of a desktop or smart phone and still see your animated video. Again being more likely to be shared and viewed by a larger pool of people.

If you aren’t already using video to market your business, then this is something you need to reconsider. And while you’re at it, consider making it animated!

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