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Instagram is ranked as the 5th  most used social media platform with 1 billion active monthly users. Since its launching 8 years ago, it has taken the world of marketing by a storm.

These statistics are not based on the number of registered participants but the number of daily active users. Due to its format, Instagram is one of the most important forms of visual advertising platform for any business.

Instagram presents you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience through relevant videos and pictures, you are able to showcase who you really are to potential customers, shape people’s perception and nature your brand. This keeps you on the edge of your competitors.

When you use Instagram as a marketing strategy for your business,  share relevant images or videos that satisfy your marketing goals. Well-conducted research on your target market and their needs  will help you come up with relevant material which will build your company’s credibility.

So as we reach the halfway mark of 2019, I felt I should share with you quick statistics on why many digital marketers are turning to Instagram as the main method of marketing their businesses, services , and brands.

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A billion people are using Instagram (and growing daily)

Graph of the monthly worldwide active users of Instagram

Just to give you a clear view of the unlimited advantages Instagram presents you as a digital marketer, let’s start with this. Beating its own record of 800 million users in 2017, Instagram has continued amassing active users over the two years period and report released in showed it had one billion users and still growing. This trend of bringing people together does not seem to slow down any time soon!

With such a number of participants, Instagram offers you as a marketer rich ground not only to introduce yourself but build an empire as long as you seize the opportunities presented to you at the right time and keep providing potential customers with relevant information.

Instagram has a fair gender distribution

A study conducted by Statistia showed that Instagram is composed of a fairly balanced demographic although the beam is slightly tipped to the female side, the gap has been growing narrow in the past few years.

Given this range of gender distribution, most types of businesses can benefit regardless of whether their client base is solely male or female. 

Distribution of Instagram users worldwide as of April 2019, by age and gender

Majority of active Instagram users are below 34 years of age

In a quote taken directly from Statista 

As of April 2019, it was found that 15 percent of global active Instagram users were women between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged 34 years or younger.

Instagram has a high number of active users

Most social media platforms boost big numbers of accounts holders even though most of them are dormant account holders. However, when it comes to Instagram, the number of daily active users increases considerably with well-researched statistics to back their claim.

A recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center showed that 25% of smartphone users have Instagram accounts, 22% log in at least once a day and 38% check Instagram post multiple times a day. 

social media use on a cellphone

Instagram and marketing rhyme perfectly

80% of Instagram users follow a brand. That’s 8 out of 10 people. 200 million people actively visit business profiles every single day. 

This is a great opportunity for marketers to create more leads for potential clients. The option to run paid ads with photos, videos, carousels, and stories or you may like to use influences to promote products.

For more Instagram marketing tips then click here.

Combining this with Instagram marketing flexibility, you will have in your hands a lethal system having every tool you need to introduce your products and convince potential customers to buy your products or services all under the same roof.

Users like to follow companies  on Instagram

Instagram post from Redbull organization

A survey showed that on other forms of social networks, it is very difficult to create a substantial number of base followers. However, on Instagram users are relatively open hence tend to follow business accounts on a regular basis. Up to 80% of Instagram users follow at least one company and 60% of users come to learn of a new product on the platform.

Another tidbit statistic is that 75% of users take action. This involves looking for more information about the post that you have presented to them, visiting the website through links provided or asking you general questions. I guarantee you will be hard-pressed to find another platform which gives you such engagement rates and a healthy brand-user environment. 

Most ads come in the form of videos

Initially, Instagram was designed as an image sharing platform. However, the trajectory has changed and has seen an increment of up to 25% of ads shared being single videos. It is important to note that images used to be the best type of advertisement content that received large engagement rates. The trend has changed drastically and a lot of users seem to respond better to video ads, edging images out for higher engagement rates.

Check out this example of an explainer video Instagram add made by Top Explainers.

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Benefits of using videos from a marketer standpoint

Of all active users, 96% of them have watched an explainer. This is because they find it relevant as they try to learn more about a product or services provided. To add on that, 79% of the people say a video add has convinced them to buy a product or software.

People don’t have the attention span to read about your product or service. 68% of people prefer short videos which are far off than 15% text-based, 4% presentations and 3% ebooks and manuals.

A large proportion of the platform users prefer video ads

videos for instagram improve statistics

The volume of videos being uploaded to Instagram platform has increased by four times in each day. Data collected shows that up to 80% of time spent on Instagram by its users is mainly used to watch video ads. It’s fair to say the number of video demands on Instagram is quite huge.

This gives you as a marketer an easier time deciding where to allocate marketing resources. Producing quality, relevant and entertaining content while keeping the video short, say you like 2 to 3 minutes guarantees high return rates on ROI

Instagram videos are a huge asset from a Marketing standpoint

Due to the high engagement rates and complementary features, Instagram video ads are ideal and fit perfectly as an additional tool for your marketing campaign.

A marketing survey released at Animoto showed 53.4% of digital marketers have appreciated the role of Instagram videos and have incorporated them into their marketing strategies.

The number of businesses promoting on Instagram as a mean of marketing has increased. In 2017 the companies using Instagram stood at 67%, in 2018 the percentage was 81% and currently sits at 87%. The number of marketers who think Instagram videos are good assets to their marketing strategies has increased from 82% to 91% in a span of two years.

Despite the increase in competition, 99% of business owners say they will continue to use videos with 88% actually considering increasing on the budget than the one they spent on the previous year. 

Effectiveness of Video marketing

Unlike other platforms which require intense demonstrations, 94% of Instagram video marketers have said the approach has helped increase user understanding on the services provided or the product sold with fewer efforts. To add on that, 84% of marketers have said Instagram has helped increase the number of traffic to their website. 81% have attributed the new leads they have obtained to videos posted on Instagram. With the videos being self-explanatory, this has reduced the number of support calls by up to 41%. 

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People tend to spend more time on platforms which have video ads

A survey conducted showed that 88% of visitors will tend to spend longer on your website if it has entertaining videos. This statistics alone is adequate to show you how engaging video ads are. As a marketer trying to create how-to-do videos as much people will come looking for an explainer ad trying to tell them more about a service or how to use a product

As seen from the following graph, the longer a video drags on, the lower its retention with videos under a minute showing 80% retention up to the 30-second mark, which is perfect for Instagram. 

grapgh showing video length vs audience engagement

Video marketing guarantees success

For any marketing campaign to be considered successful, it all narrows down to ROI(Return On Investment). 88% of all marketers on Instagram are satisfied with the ROI of their social media marketing efforts. According to a report released by Opinmonser, marketers get qualified leads in a year with a success rate of 66%.

Using video ads will help you increase your brand awareness by up to 54% more. 93% of all the marketers interviewed said they landed a new customer thanks to Instagram. 

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Instagram stories are here to stay, make sure to take advantage

70% of active users on Instagram users view the video posted in the form of stories on a daily basis. Of this, 50% find the content funny which makes them laugh. Of more importance is that, due to this, one in every four seek the product in order to make a purchase. Given over a billion users this year, Instagram offers you a rich market to sell your brand or services provided.

Viewer behavior statistics

It is important to you as a marketer to have a bigger picture of the market demography and how they want to be treated. This will help you create a video which will not leave viewers hanging or create long irrelevant ones which make your efforts go to waste. With the ever growing need of the human brain to cover as much information within the shortest time, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Over 70% of all users do not turn their phone horizontally to watch a video on the smartphone.
  • Planning your video content such that it fits the screen vertically is more important than ever. If the video is too big for the screen viewers will skip it.
  • You have only 2.7 seconds to capture the attention of your viewers. With so much staff online to watch, human attention and tolerance have greatly reduced. Make the first few seconds count.

According to a survey conducted, the number of Instagram users who purchased an item as a result of watching a video ad increased from 32% to 48% in 2018. The number is still increasing and a report is yet to be released on how Instagram is performing in 2019.

Since its introduction in 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. 60% of video ads are watched with sound on. There is no other social network which hits such success rates. At any given moment, the number of people online, 60% will be using Instagram. This offers you a good and rich ground to promote your products regardless of the time. 

Bottom Line

It is clear that Instagram is not for personal use anymore. It has transformed into a global platform that allows you to market your brand, showcase products, recruit new talents and inspire your audience. Instagram users are relatively receptive. This makes them not only active but engaging. The ability to get feedback from the audience is important to you as a marketer.

The data presents you with an opportunity to know on areas to improve on. 70% of Instagram users spend time looking for a product on the platform. This offers both you and the potential customers a friendly and authentic mode of conducting business, eliminating middle mediums making the whole process smooth.

If you’re looking for an explainer video to use in your Instagram marketing campaign then contact Top Explainers today to see how they can help your business.

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