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Are you in the B2B business? Did you know that the B2B marketing approach is different from B2C markets because you’re dealing with companies, not with buyers directly? They make decisions differently, and you can’t sell them with methods that work for ordinary clients.

A complete misconception is that you need “specific” methods that work for B2B marketing but not for other marketing. And I’m going to provide a few simple facts that this is a mistake that can cost you money.

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Here’s the first and biggest mistake:

You’re dealing with companies. Really? Aren’t you marketing your product to people, people who are decision-makers whether they choose your product or not? So why change your marketing strategy if your marketing audience remains the same? You’re still dealing with people and you still need to capture their attention. You still need to convey your story and message and you still need to persuade them.

The second mistake is also common and significant:

B2B clients don’t make emotional decisions. You must prove yourself with facts, numbers, charts, etc. You must present the information as quickly and concisely as possible. Time-wasting isn’t an option with itemid=””>B2B marketing. But time is still wasted, and billions of dollars have been lost as a result. Thousands of projects have failed because they didn’t use the correct b2b itemid=””>customer acquisition strategy.

Obviously, there’s nothing interesting or unique in numbers and charts. Nobody will pay attention if they’re bored. You have to make your presentation interesting, but all it takes is something punchy and eye-catching to wake your clients up. Infographic video might also be a good way to attract your clients.

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The third mistake isn’t as obvious as the first, but it’s more costly:

You may think that you speak the same language as your B2B client. If you’re trying to impress them with information that impressed you, you’ll fail. It’s a very common misconception to assume that your clients share the same issues or interest as you, or speak the same language. Your audience has different priorities. When you think your product will solve their problem by reducing their expenses, they’re thinking about how to retain their customers. While you’re focused on saving them time, they’re focused on decreasing their Facebook ad expenditure. Or searching for a new head of accounting. Or integrating a new CRM system.

You both have a lot to focus on, but their needs are different. This means you should focus on their principles such as acceptance, curiosity, honor, independence, etc.

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But this only matters when you’re already interacting with your B2B clients and discussing your product or addressing their needs. What’s much more important is HOW to get B2B customers. When a client contacts you, it means they’ve already made a decision or at least want to learn about your product. But why did they choose you? How did they find you? What did they know about you that prompted them to reach out?

This is what digital marketing is about — persuading your clients that they’ll benefit from your product without direct communication.

When your clients need a service, they use different means to search such as:

  • Recommendation from friends and family
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Company websites

Basically, 86% of your clients research your product or service. But nobody wants to waste their time. Everyone is looking for an easier way. If someone they know already tried a service or product and recommends it, it’s more likely they’ll choose the same because a reliable source already confirmed the benefits.

But if someone has no one to vouch for a product or service, they have to research it. They’ll typically start with Google search to learn about the competitors. About 75% of websites will lose potential business because of lack of interest. The client will focus on the remaining 25% until they settle on the one that they trust the most to offer the best product or service for their needs.

This makes your website content an extremely important part of your sales team. Your website content must catch, persuade, and sell. It’s not for SEO, it’s not for marketing, it’s for your clients. It helps them make informed decisions and use your site as a tool to compare similar products and services.

Your content is your salesperson and you have to be serious about it. If your client leaves your website, you’ve lost them forever. Focusing on the content will improve your B2B itemid=””>customer acquisition strategy significantly.

How do you persuade your clients?

You can put all your information on your website and hope for the best. You can fill your pages with charts, numbers, research results, photos, etc., and hope that your visitors will remember at least some of it.

Or you can use a modern approach — a short animated video that explains your product or service to your clients in the most effective way by using audio and visual channels. You can put all the important facts about your product or service in a 60-second video that is short and to the point so your website visitors don’t need to wade through pages of information. They only need to spend one minute of their time to understand what they need to make a decision.

Of course, your competitors understand this as well, which is why they probably already use this approach to market their product or service. But if they aren’t, you’ve got a great opportunity to jump ahead of them. Believe me, when your B2B clients compare your products and services with those of another company, a persuasive and informative video will be a big plus.

We know that this proven tactic works. According to comScore research, 90% of people who search for a service or product said that a video really helps them make a decision, and 64% are likely to place an order or inquiry.


Acquiring more customers is vital for your business and having a good strategy will help increase conversions. Top Explainers are an explainer video company that specializes in B2B customer acquisition. Feel free to contact them today for more information on how they can help your business.

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