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Videos are the most influential medium of communication. It is estimated by 2019, 80% of all web traffic will be video. It’s high time to start incorporating video to your marketing strategy.

You need to understand a few best practices to make your strategy successful.

Start at Square one


Define goals for your video marketing strategy, whether it is to;

Increasing Conversions

According to Eye View Digital, videos can increase conversions by 80%. Users prefer watching video clips rather than reading the text. Video saves time.

Spread Brand Awareness

Informative videos on products or services promote brand growth.

Gaining links & Social Shares

16 Rules for Video Marketing & SEO Success 2

Creating videos that are prime for social sharing and backlinks is beneficial. What videos are commonly shared?

  • If they provide a solution to a common problem
  • If they educate on a hot topic
  • If they entertain

Such videos get high engagement. Creating backlinks increases authority for your website.

Here are the top 10 tried-and-true tactics for Video Marketing for Search Engines

1. Mobile Optimization

A large portion of video consumption is on mobile devices. The mobile consumption surpassed desktop years ago. You need a responsive website and upload videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

2. Create a Video Sitemap

Creating and publishing many videos on your website can be challenging to rank them. Create a separate video sitemap for Google to have a better idea of your videos and content you publish.

3. Metadata

The same way a website page is optimized with Meta title and meta description; the same can be done for a video. Search engines will access the title, description, and tags to rank and identify your video.

 4. Add the Video to Your Website

Video content is more engaging. You can use video schema to help crawlers understand the video content you share.

5. Video Filename

It is a simple strategy. Name all video files on your computer and include targeted keywords descriptions.

6. Share across Various Channels

Sharing videos on different marketing channels, such as social media, will increase engagements. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook posts garner the most engagements.

On the socials, sharing is enabled. The more backlinks created and shared, your site ranks better.

7. Transcribe the video

Search engine crawlers do not watch video content. Video transcription provides crawlers with an idea of your video for a better understanding of your content.

8. Create an Engaging Thumbnail

A captivating thumbnail will grab the attention of users. Make your video thumbnail standout by uploading from the video or a separate picture that is perfect for the topic.

9. Keep Length in Mind

Length is crucial when making videos. For tutorials, longer videos make more sense. However, for promotional videos, make them short and precise.

10. Encourage Like & Comments

Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share on your videos on YouTube and social pages.

11. Don’t Lose Focus on the Whole Picture

The focus on your video is to entertain, educate, or guide a user. You may observe al the right practices but fail on the whole focus of your video. The message must be clear.

The video content is crucial in marketing, from the message to how it is passed along.

Here are a few things to consider when determining the video content strategy:

  • Personas: Establish key user personas for your target audience. This helps in determining the tone of the video.
  • Stage of the Journey: Create a video that targets the correct stage of the user’s journey and their position in the funnel. An example is a short video for the awareness stage but a detailed video for the consideration phase. In the later phase, testimonials and CTAs are ideal picks.
  • Topics that suite video search: understanding areas where your videos can rank high is an insight for a successful strategy.

12. Target your individual audience searching for video material

When creating any piece of content, particularly a video for SEO purposes, you should tailor it to the people who search and watch it.

If you want authoritative medical sites to connect to your video, your script language should be tailored to medical professionals. They’ll probably know plenty of medical terminology, so you certainly don’t have to describe them.

On the other hand, if your aim is to approach non-medical professionals looking for an quick response, keep the language clear and clarify any medical jargon you use.

Knowing who will watch and react to your video will make your video SEO content more effective.

13. Uploading Video to your Website

Use native video players to host your video instead of uploading it directly from your CMS. This will increase views and interaction on video platforms.

14. Measure the output of your video

Measuring output is a crucial step in assessing what did / didn’t work, and identifying what existing content needs to be further improved and what new content needs to be produced and released.

15. Implement diagram markup

Although some users search using Google’s video search feature, many use the general search tool. Use schema markup (semantic vocabulary) to include information search engines to help videos stand out in general search results. General search results may appear as video search results with schema markup, providing a video thumbnail and duration.

At a minimum, you need to add the title, definition, thumbnail, and either embed- or content-URL for each video. You might also want video length, upload date, height and width measurements. Google has a page explaining exactly what video schema markup expects and enables you to verify schema markup with the Rich Snippet Testing Method.

16. Optimize your video for speed

Last but not least, optimize videos for faster load times. The videos you upload on your own should be designed to load faster. The smaller the file size, the better. Of course, you won’t lose consistency. So compress your videos for quicker loading while retaining picture quality. Blazemp and HandBrake are data compression tools that reduce video file size without quality degradation.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing strategy is a powerful marketing strategy if used correctly.

Observing the best professional practices and maintaining a clear, concise will expand the video messaging reach.


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